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How Travel Will Change After The Pandemic

How to adapt and travel in the post-pandemic world.

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Traveling is going to change forever once this pandemic is over. Billions of people will never ever look at traveling the same again. Some of it will be negative. As more and more people will not feel safe traveling to parts of the world with poor sanitary standards. This will impact tourism in those countries quite badly. However, the good thing is, many more people will be wanting to travel and work at the same time, more of them will want to know the hygiene levels of the restaurants they dine in and generally, playing a more active role in health and safety. However, it will also mean other things that we are not quite prepared to do.

Working and sunbathing

It’s going to become more and more popular to work as you sunbathe. Well, not at the same time. But the feeling is, that if remote working is the norm for us now, then what is the difference between working from home in our home office, and a beach in Greece or California? It’s quite the questions that we need to answer. And now that we have awesome services like this invoice app we can also work freelance or do business, as we are on holiday. Using the invoice templates you can mix and match to your heart’s content for the type of sale or purchase document you need and then, you can send it over to your client. The other thing is, you never know, your client might be working on holiday too! So, the working hours might differ and the remote working possibilities regarding timezone are endless now.

Does the public care about public health?

You bet they do, well at least they do now! You can expect more and more people to look at the hygiene rating of any restaurant, hotel or Airbnb room they book. They will read the reviews more carefully, they will want to know when was the last inspection, etc. this is because it’s quite clear that after so many deaths due to Covid-19, that people care about where they eat and sleep on travels. It means that hotels will have to be more upfront about their routines for cleaning and sanitary standards. Restaurants will have to show where they have sourced the ingredients and so on. Is this good or bad? We think that it is good, as long as people don’t go into overdrive and demand too high a standard to the point that it’s not fun anymore.

Tourism flourishing

Let’s face it, many people will feel like they don’t want to go to certain parts of the world anymore. It’s sad but the way the pandemic has been handled by some countries has not put them in the best light. But that means that other countries, such as Taiwan, will have more tourism. This is great for neglected countries that don’t experience a high volume of tourism each year.

Travel is going to change, permanently after this pandemic is all over with. What kinds of changes do you yourself envisage and why do you think they will come to pass?

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