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How to Use CBD Gummies For Self Care

When at home or traveling improve your self-care practices.

Self care

Self-care has been a bit of a buzzword recently and can mean anything from finally sitting down and paying those bills you’ve been putting off, to vegging on the couch watching Netflix because you deserve it. This is even more important for world travelers, as they are often away from their primary care doctors and in locales that may not have the best medical options.

Whatever self-care means to you, CBD gummies will help take your “you” time to the next level and get all the healing benefits of the much-needed and hard-earned efforts you gift yourself. The varieties are endless, and you can get THC free CBD gummies, full-spectrum gummies, or broad-spectrum gummies in an array of delicious flavors.

CBD for Sleep

A good night’s sleep is the foundation of your personal wellness — especially if you’re traveling. You can go a couple of days or even a couple of weeks without good sleep, and things will be okay once you catch up. A chronic disruption in sleep, however, leads to a host of emotional and physical problems that are difficult to escape once they get started. Whether you simply want to get the best sleep in your life, or you want to break out of a bad cycle, CBD can help.

Take a dose of CBD gummies or CBD oil as you begin your bedtime routine to give them time to kick in. If life is feeling too harried to do anything but pop some CBD, then congratulate yourself for getting to this point.

However, if you have the time and energy to really treat yourself, try one or two of the following things to get relaxed and ready for a solid sleep through the night:

  • Turn off all devices including the TV for at least a half-hour before bed
  • Take a relaxing bath with some lavender-scented suds
  • Drink a cup of chamomile tea
  • Listen to soft music
  • Read some affirmational text or poetry
  • Give yourself a shoulder massage
  • Do some deep breathing exercises

When you are ready for bed, make sure your room is quiet and dark. Consider some blackout curtains if you have light streaming through your window at night. Earplugs help block out any environmental noise that you can’t control, such as when you get stuck in a hotel room overlooking a busy street.

Make sure you are not too warm, as that will disturb your sleep at night. CBD by itself can help you get better sleep than you may already be getting, but adding a few other elements to your routine will bring on the bliss as you sleep your way to a better day tomorrow.

CBD for Anxiety

CBD can help you sleep, but it can also help you relax. CBD boosts serotonin levels, which contribute to reduced anxiety. The easiest way to combat stress and anxiety is to keep a regiment of CBD gummies to start and end your day, but you can also take some CBD when you know a stressful activity is coming or even in the moments that you are feeling most anxious, such as when rushing to an airport to catch a flight.

Anxiety can make it difficult to function, and you may not even recognize the symptoms. Increased heart rate, irritability, upset stomach, headache, difficulty concentrating, and tightness in your chest can all point to anxiety.

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety, CBD can help, but you will put a stop to a full-on panic attack if you do these things as well:

  • Try 4, 7, 8 breathing: Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. This will slow your heart down and activate your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Count colors. Observe the space around you and count how many different colors there are. Don’t ignore different shades of the same color. Count those too!
  • Hum softly to yourself. It doesn’t even have to be a discernible tune. The vibration and breathing pattern of humming will slow down your heart and help you relax.

Anxiety is no joke, and more of us are starting to recognize its damaging effects all the time. CBD can help take the edge off, but possibly the most important way CBD can help with your anxiety is by giving you the space and energy you need to be kind to yourself.

CBD for Creativity

When you allow yourself some time for expression without judgment, it is a practice in kindness and compassion. And YOU are the benefactor! Creativity is not just for Van Gogh or Lizzo. We are designed to create, and getting in touch with that can be one of the most rewarding self-care activities you do.

CBD facilitates your inspiration by helping you relax and let go of some of the tension that may be holding you back. Try taking some CBD isolate then let your imagination take you where it will. Here is a list of creative activities to get you started:

  • Journaling
  • Creative writing
  • Painting
  • Dancing in your living room (with or without music)
  • Cooking
  • Taking pictures
  • Organizing your Instagram
  • Writing a letter (you’re not obligated to send it)
  • Playing an instrument (you don’t have to know how)
  • Sewing
  • Scrapbooking
  • Crafting
  • Doing a puzzle
  • Making jewelry

This list is just the tip of the iceberg and is meant to inspire you. Your creative efforts do not have to be grand gestures for the world to see. All they really need to be are small “I love yous” to yourself.

Final Thoughts

Self-care comes in many forms, and these three may or may not be for you. Regardless, CBD can be an excellent boost to promote personal wellness, and it is well worth incorporating into your daily self-care activities when at home or when traveling.

A good way to get started is to check out this review of the best gummies on the market today and order CBD gummies 1000mg. This will be enough CBD to incorporate into your routine long enough for you to evaluate the results and see for yourself just how much CBD can change your life and the way you care for yourself.

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