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How to Travel with Golf Clubs

A brief guide on traveling with your golfing gear.


We love golf and what it has to offer to us. It helps us to spend some time in nature, stimulate the senses and genuinely obtain some sense of tranquility. It also helps us to spend time with others who are also fans of the sport.

If you are heading off on a golfing trip, you are going to take your golf clubs along with you. Of course, you always want your gear to stay in the best state possible, which means you figure out the best way to travel with them. We recommend a few things – after checking out some good golf club reviews be sure to invest in a solid travel case and wrap up the clubhead and shafts with bubble wrap. 

Most people have a love-hate relationship with traveling. Once you arrive at the destination, it gets fun. However, traveling back and forth with the gear can be a nightmare! This is because you have to take care of the equipment to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in transit. 

A Guide on How To Travel with Golf Clubs

Before we crack the code on how you can travel with golf clubs, we have something for you. Decide whether you need to take all your golf clubs along, or is it better to rent them at your destination? If you decide on renting them, make sure to organize them before you arrive to avoid delays. 

If you are traveling with golf clubs, it’s always better to prepare for the worst. 

#1. Book a direct flight

There is nothing worse than waiting long hours at the airport. You don’t want to rush around with and carry your clubs through different airlines to get connecting flights. Book a non-stop flight, so it is more convenient for you. Also, try looking for flights from less busy airports, so you don’t have to worry about long lines. 

#2. Get a travel bag 

Invest in a durable travel bag. Some airlines allow up to 20 kgs or less. It’s always better to look at the rules in advance. Place your golf clubs in it and wrap any fragile ones with bubble wrap. Use a sturdy cart as well in case the bags get tossed around, this will safeguard them against damages. Golf bags come in two types either hard cases or soft cases. 

  • Hard case- A hard case offers extra protection. However, due to its sturdy exterior, the hard cases are a lot bigger than the soft ones. 
  • Soft cases- The soft cases are both with and without a stiff arm. Regardless, a soft case with a stiff arm is always a better choice. If you know you are going to have less space in your car, it’s better to take a small case. 

#3. Packing the Golf Clubs

One of the biggest challenges most people encounter is they don’t know how to pack their clubs properly. Firstly, make sure they are secured. Ensure they don’t have room to move around. You can place a few extra clothes to stuff in between the crevices so the club’s won’t slide around. It will surely be better and safer if you secure your golf gear in soft bubble wrap. 

Follow these tips and chances are your clubs will arrive safe and sound to your holiday destination! 

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