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How to Travel with Adult Toys (and Avoid Vibrations)

Tips on avoiding an embarrassing situation.


The world has been reopened, but that doesn’t mean you should explore it without your home comforts. You will want to keep your favourite toys safe and sound and hidden away from prying eyes, but you must bear in mind that there is a list of rules that must be followed if you are transporting battery-powered items on an aircraft. And navigating these rules could make things a little more uncomfortable.

Travelling with adult toys: the rules.

On an aircraft, you need to be careful. The point here is not necessarily to follow rules related to adult toys (as there aren’t any), but to follow certain rules which relate to adult toys indirectly. Most important is that you need to be aware that lithium batteries are heavily regulated because of their propensity to explode when short-circuited. This potential fire risk means that lithium batteries cannot be stored in the luggage hold, so you will have to carry any toy powered with integrated batteries in your hand luggage. If the batteries can be removed you can separate the parts, with the batteries well packed in non-conductive materials in your carry-on, and the other parts elsewhere. 

Travelling with adult toys: keeping things safe.

Batteries aren’t the only thing to be concerned about when you are travelling. Many adult toys are made of soft materials that can attract lint dirt. They are also as likely as any other device to get damaged in transit even in your bags. Naturally, you will want to keep these items in pristine condition, especially for hygiene reasons, so place your vibrators into padded zip-lock bags to keep them clean and safe in transit.

Travelling with adult toys: preventing accidents.

If you are carrying a battery-based toy with a non-removable battery, you need to ensure that it won’t be able to set itself off by accident. Packing your toys with plenty of padding will certainly help and may even smother unwanted vibrations if they are switched on by accident. You could also ensure your toys don’t vibrate by running the batteries right down before you travel. Just don’t forget to pack your charger and cable for when you reach your destination. However, simplest of all, if you can remove the batteries, do so, and put your toys in your checked-in luggage.

Travelling with adult toys: styling it out.

If you carry a battery-powered adult toy in your hand luggage, it might look quite unusual under an x-ray and gate security may want to have a look at it. It’s probably best being honest and open about it, as airport security agents are humans, after all. Maybe you should explain what it is before removing the toy from its packaging. This could save a little embarrassment on both sides. But you could always call it a neck massager if you feel shy.

Travelling with adult toys: stealth mode.

Wearable toys can also be a fun choice, but just be sure to put them in place after passing through the security checkpoint to avoid any embarrassing searches.


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