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How to select a private jet company

You don’t need to fly commercial.

Have you ever had the opportunity of flying in a private jet? As if flying itself weren’t exciting, doing so in a non-commercial charter enhances the experience manifold. No sooner do you step inside the cabin than you notice the luxurious touch in the aisles, seats, armrests, and even the overhead bins. Two words immediately visit your mind: luxury flying. People prefer these to commercial flights for several reasons, including privacy and convenience. However, you need to select an excellent private jet company before you can have a safe, secure, and luxurious flying experience. Continue reading to know how to do that and the factors you should consider while doing so.

What type of jet charter do you need?

A private charter is an aircraft where you or a few of your selected companions are the only passengers. But the precise kind of charter you need will depend on your preference and requirements. For instance, pet-friendly flights are perfect for those that often fly with their pets. These are some of the popular categories to help you out. 

Small aircraft

A small or light aircraft is a plane with a maximum gross takeoff weight of about 5,670 kilograms or less. Photography, sightseeing, freight transport, and business trips are some of the areas where they are most used. Small aircraft are divided into the turbo, very light, and light jets. They have a lesser passenger handling capacity consisting of five to eight passengers. They are easy to land at almost any airport because they are small. Their flight range is usually shorter than a large plane because they are smaller in length with a limited engine capacity. They can generally fly between three to three and a half hours without stopping. 

Mid and super-mid aircraft

Mid and super-mid airplanes are bigger-sized than smaller ones and have an average weight of 41,000 kilograms. They offer relatively more in-cabin space and possess an accommodation capacity of around ten passengers. These planes can fly between five to seven hours before requiring refueling and cover 3,276 nautical miles approximately. Most of them boast club-style side-by-side seating arrangements with extremely low noise in the cabins. The cabin’s height of these planes is about five feet eight inches, which leaves you enough room to stand up and move around.  

Heavy jet aircraft

These are the largest private aircraft that you will come across in the market, with a weight of almost 187,000 kilograms. Because they are enormous, they can easily accommodate between ten to eighteen passengers, besides offering separate areas including lounges, workspaces, and private bedrooms. They also boast outstanding in-flight amenities and associated facilities. You should consider them your first choice if you have to fly cross-country or internationally as they can continuously travel for nine hours. Simultaneously, it would be helpful to know that they are exclusively operational on large airports with sufficiently long runaways.

Business flights

If an urgent meeting or conference has come up across the country and you need to travel in style with your colleagues, nothing works better than business flights. What separates these flights from the others are the onboard facilities necessary for a presentation like video access for conference calls, a private area for replying to emails, separate workspaces, and uninterrupted WiFi access. You can also unwind during your flight simultaneously. Corporate executives, CEOs, managers, and others regularly prefer these flights to regular ones despite the higher costs because of the reasons mentioned above. Instead of arriving early, like for check-in and other processes, business executives and their teams can reach just a few minutes before takeoff, which is made possible by quicker security screening processes. Even if you are late, the flight will wait for you. It also leaves a long-lasting impression on the clients.

Pet-friendly flights

Many people prefer traveling with their pets on flights, and why not. It’s safe, secure, and thrilling for pets and their owners. However, you should select a flight carefully after considering certain things. For instance, the seats should be spacious without cramping you or your pet in any way. You should also have the option of traveling with several pets if you want without any restrictions except those related to safety. One of the significant advantages of flying in a pet-friendly airplane instead of commercial flights is the freedom of cabin space as you don’t have to worry about putting them in crates. 


Safety is another factor you need to consider while selecting a private flight, and it should adhere to the safety standards and apply the best practices to flying. There should be adequate background checks by the third-party audits like WYVERN and ARG/US, accident records, safety-certified operators, and preferably pass safety inspections.  

Personal routes

Any private flight will usually allow you to change your route and even change your flight plans if the circumstances demand it. However, it is better to ask them the pricing for a unique routing and how it is calculated. 

Selecting a private jet company requires careful thought, analysis, and consideration, and these are some ways of doing that. Private flights are comfortable, fun, and convenient and are suitable for you if you love flying in style. 


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