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How to Make Your NYC Trip Luxurious and Stress Free

What you can do to plan for your NYC trip.

New York City

When visiting NYC, it is essential to make a plan. There are so many things to do and see in the Big Apple that you need to prioritize some of the little things in order to ensure the best experience and least amount of stress. 

There are four essentials you must consider when booking your trip to NYC.


The time of year can dictate when you should book your hotel. If it is during a busy season, it is always best to book your hotel well ahead of time to ensure a manageable rate, location, and decent hotel. If you book far in advance, always make sure your hotel cancellation policy is free; that way, you can be on the lookout for a better deal. 

Something to consider, if your trip is not scheduled well ahead of time, a two week limit appears to be the best time to book a hotel. Many hotels have quotas and numbers they must meet. At two weeks out, they tend to drop their prices a little bit to encourage guests to stay with them. 

The rates on average tended to be 13% cheaper.


NYC transportation can be intimidating and overwhelming. It is not recommended to rent your own vehicle when driving around this large city. It is best to book a New York chauffeur service, as they are well trained, experienced, and knowledgeable. An additional benefit is that they also tend to have larger vehicles to accommodate your whole party and their belongings. 

You can always check out the subway, but in recent years, that has become more questionable. Of course, the classic NYC taxi cab ride is worth consideration, but during peak hours, whether rush hour or after a show, those can be difficult to nab. 


If you are trying to get into a top notch restaurant, it is important to book your reservation in advance. Most restaurants do not take reservations until 30 days beforehand, but they can fill up quickly. If you have been itching to try a couple restaurants, it is always best to make the reservation, and fill in your other meals with other trendy little places like cafes, bakeries, and bodegas. 

NYC has a whole host of restaurants, cuisines, and cultural experiences. When it comes to food, you will definitely not lack options. It is important to remember that the more popular and well-known, the more difficult it is to get a table. Know what your backup plans are, and ask for recommendations from locals or NYC frequenters. 


If you are planning to go to a Broadway show, it is important to buy tickets as soon as possible. Some of the more popular shows sell out quickly. There are, of course, occasional last minute tickets you can purchase. Remember to make sure that the vendors are reputable and legitimate sources. 

It is always best to arrive at the theater 30 minutes before the show begins, and plan your meal reservations accordingly. It can be a madhouse on Broadway at the beginning and close of shows, making it very difficult to find an Uber/Lyft or Taxi. It is important to book a chauffeur service if you expect to go anywhere anytime soon.  


When you book a chauffeur service, you are more likely to have a stress-free visit knowing that you are safe in your travels, whether it is a late night out with your friends, a hectic night coming out of a Broadway show, or just a smooth ride to and from the airport and your hotel. All your needs will be met above and beyond your expectations. 

By booking and reserving these essentials ahead of time, you help to limit the stress on what is sure to be an eventful trip to The Big Apple. 


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