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How to Make Travel Part of Your Education

Top tips to travel and go to school too.

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Many people are fond of traveling and want to spend as much time on trips as possible. Mostly, these are young students who have a sincere desire to travel the world and discover its marvels. However, all of them have the same trouble – How to combine learning and traveling? It’s not an easy task to solve, but it isn’t impossible. Moreover, you can make traveling the part of your education. How to do that? We’ll show some smart ways to undertake.

Consider Open Universities

One of the best ways to learn and enjoy traveling experience is to attend an open university. Such institutions allow for combining studying and working. Mind that you can work full-time. Accordingly, you may likewise travel.

  • Pros: The study is much cheaper than if you attend a campus-based university. A possibility to pass your exams online.
  • Cons: You may have no optional choice of course and thus, will be forced to visit your institution in person from time to time. Oftentimes, such students receive textbooks short before their exams.

Select a Course to Study Abroad

Many students are convinced that online or distant studying won’t do to become real experts. Therefore, they want to study in campus-based universities. There is still a great chance to see other places. Find a course with a compulsory study abroad unit. Thus, tourism and management major may be your key to world travels.

It should be mentioned that European universities are much cheaper compared to American analogs. The average fee per year is a bit more than €1,000. In addition, the European Union provides free visiting whatever country is a member of the Union. Thus, you may study in Germany and easily go to France or the Netherlands on your weekend.

  • Pros: You will definitely see new places and meet new people in the country you’ll study. It may be quite cheap. There is a chance to visit a lot of neighboring countries (especially in the European Union).
  • Cons: Some academic requirements may tie down to a single place with no chance to visit other places.

Look for Short-Term Exchange Programs

Due to globalism, almost all countries had opened their doors to welcome foreigners. There are multiple students exchange programs that help to combine traveling and education. Thus, you can choose “Work and Travel” or “Erasmus”. Some programs require only insufficient fees, and the others don’t charge fees at all. It’s a nice way to see the world and learn from other educational systems.

  • Pros: A great opportunity to combine learning and traveling experiences. Moderate expenses required.
  • Cons: A short period of time a student may spend on traveling and living in a foreign country.

Student Organizations

Another good way to travel the world and gain knowledge is to use some student organizations. There are a lot of programs, which are based on traveling abroad. For example, these are Travel Volunteer, Travel Talent, AIESEC, and so on. Every program has its peculiarities and advantages. Learn the requirements to assess your possibilities. Make sure you can meet all the demands and achieve your objectives.

  • Pros: A possibility to visit a great number of other countries and run on a short budget. Such programs don’t require high fees and may help to visit more than one foreign land.
  • Cons: Commonly, these student organizations offer a short period of learning abroad. On average, the program lasts from 3 to 6 months.

Private Schools

Sometimes, there is no possibility to study at open universities or use students’ organizations. Possibly, the conditions of studying are too strict or the curriculum doesn’t provide enough knowledge. Thus, the last hope is to select a private school. You pay money and attend those courses you want. It saves more time for traveling as you don’t have to attend some basic classes.

  • Pros: More free time to spend on traveling. A privilege to choose only the courses you want to study. Saves money and enriches your foreign experience.
  • Cons: Due to a different level of credibility, the certificates you receive abroad may not be worthy in the USA. Students have to take a gap year in their university and thus, interrupt their learning to study abroad.

Advantages from Traveling

It should be also admitted that traveling has a lot of benefits. It’s not only about rest and observing new places. It has much more to offer, and you should be aware of all possibilities. You should learn certain disciplines for your profession. In the meanwhile, you can likewise learn something new that isn’t linked with your academics. What are those benefits? Academic experts with advanced skills from online essay writing service will check them out:

  • Learning new languages;
  • Getting close to other cultures;
  • Defining more facts about world history;
  • Learning more about modern tendencies;
  • Being closer to nature;
  • Improving new skills and discovering your talents;
  • Enhancing your social, interpersonal, and communicative skills;
  • Learning independence and individualism.


This list may be even longer. Everything depends on the purposes and locations of your traveling points. Before you go to a foreign country, make sure you have enough money, enthusiasm, and patience to endure new rules of life.

Don’t forget about these amazing benefits of traveling. If you doubt the usefulness of such experience, remember them, and you won’t turn back. Learn how to enjoy life at the fullest via traveling and still be a decent student.

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