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How To Make Travel More Environmentally Friendly

You can travel and help conserve the planet too.

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More and more of the planets natural beauty spots are being taken over by hoards of rubbish, deforestation and many other man made problems that are degrading their quality dramatically. Traveling to see the last of these wonders before it’s too late is something that many people are trying to do, but this can cause even more harm and increase your carbon footprint by a considerable amount. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can take advantage of to lessen your negative impact on the planet that will still allow you to make the most positive memories possible. So, if you want to know more, then read on for some of the best top tips that you can utilize today.

Change Your Mode Of Transport

The vehicles that you utilize both when heading to your destination and once you have arrived will have a huge influence on your carbon footprint. The worst modes of transport for the planet include things such as private charter jets and motorcycles, whereas more earth friendly option might be public travel like buses or perhaps a road bicycle to get around your vacation destination. With natural gas and fossil fuels depleting at such a fast rate, finding new ways to power travel is a key step that must be considered in order to protect mother nature, so making the most of electric vehicles is something you might want to think about too.

Respect Your Surroundings

One famous phrase perfectly encapsulates what it means to be an ethical traveler; ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints.’ You must make an effort to respect your surroundings at all times, as doing think such as dropping rubbish on the floor or taking shells from the beach can have such a negative effect on wildlife and nature as a whole. Remember that the environment that you are visiting is many different native people and animals homes, and you should not disturb them by negatively affecting their ecosystem.

Say No To Gimmicks

Though you may see hundreds of advertisements for animal ‘sanctuaries’ and other bogus places, you must not give into the temptation to get up close and personal with these wild beings. In many locations you can cuddle fully grown tigers or lions, or sit on top of an elephant, yet neither of these things are normal behaviour for these animals to exhibit, meaning that they are likely either on some form of narcotic or have been repeatedly beaten to learn how to obey their human owners. The only time you should be comfortable seeing animals is when they are in their natural habitat, perhaps on a safari or similar expedition, as they will be leading the most normal and comfortable life, free from human interference.

Traveling can be a really unethical business when you fail to put any thought into your choices, but by following the top tips and tricks above you can make sure that you can vacation in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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