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Make money to travel

Project: How to make money for travel. This project will demonstrate how to earn and save up the funds to travel the world.

I often receive a lot of mail from readers asking me how I make money to travel, so I am going to take these next few months and demonstrate how to earn and save money to go on a long term journey around the world.

Pulling weeds for travel

During the course of this project, I will find temp work and day labor as I make up the bean money for our next journey through Latin America. Based in the upper reaches of Maine, I will work as a gardener, a farmhand, a day care provider, a scientific research assistant, an archaeologist, a  freelance journalist, a website designer, and a general day laborer as I do what ever it takes to make money for traveling.

The goal of this project is to save $6,000 in five months. This amount of money would be enough to easily finance a year and a half journey around the world.

On this page, I will list out the various stages of this project with links that are directed towards the full anecdotes about their topic. The following entries will be divided into two categories:

  1. How to make money to travel — This will show the the process of obtaining the funds to travel and will cover the jobs I get, how I get them, what happens while working, and how much money I earn.
  2. How to save money to travel — This will share various tips and advice on how to save money and cut down expenses.

To read the daily transmissions as they are written, go to the travelogue.

Entries from the project

How to make money to travel project completed

How to make money to travel

How to save money to travel

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How to Make Money for Traveling

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