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How to increase the average check: proven methods

Even travel businesses need to increase the size of the average check.


Entrepreneurs are engaged in different areas, however, there are some points that every business owner must consider for the prosperity of their business. The most important point in any area is revenue and profit. That is why every owner should know how to increase profits by increasing the average check. In this article, we will share proven methods to increase your average check.

Why do you need to calculate the average check?

If you conduct an analysis of purchases and the value of the average customer check, then you can understand the state of affairs in your company. Answer the following questions:

1) How much is the average client willing to spend?

2) How well is your assortment selected?

3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the work of your employees?

4) Is it possible to increase the average check?

5) Will the company be able to easily organize work if the number of clients increases?

6) Are customers ready to buy products at your price?

7) Can you implement a loyalty program for regular customers?

8) How does the sales rate depend on seasonality?

With these questions, you will be able to understand what follow-up work needs to be done.

2 strategies to increase the average check

  • Upselling is a strategy of offering customers more expensive and better products than they wanted. This concept is to draw the attention of the buyer to a product that will be equipped with more functions or has more value and, accordingly, its cost will be higher.

For instance, if you are engaged in renting a car in Dubai, then you can always convince your client to rent a more expensive car, but tell a client about its advantages. Suggest him to choose BMW rental Dubai and tell him about the benefits of this choice. You can focus on a comfortable interior, air conditioning, or low fuel consumption.

  • Offer of related products. According to this concept, your task is to offer the potential customer to add some more products that are necessary to use the selected product when purchasing a certain product. You have to convince the buyer that it cannot be done without it.

How to increase the size of the average check

1. Creation of a loyalty program for regular customers

By using the reward method, you can increase the company’s profits. If your customer often makes purchases from you, then implement a system of discounts for him. The client will understand that it is profitable for him to buy goods from you, rather than from your customers, and thus will add more goods to the checkout to achieve a favorable price for him.

2. Limited offers for the purchase of high-demand goods

Each company has products that sell out like hotcakes. If you want to achieve increased sales, then create limited offers for such products. Even small discounts will interest every buyer. This, in turn, will allow you to receive free advertising from your customers, who will tell their friends and acquaintances about you.

3. Create a wide range of consumer sets 

Buying items separately is inconvenient due to the need to spend more time searching and increasing the total price. Create sets where the client can get several necessary products at once, as well as at a lower price. Such sets can be for everyday use or holidays and celebrations.

4. Correct arrangement of goods

Merchandising is not only about arranging goods beautifully, but also about placing goods next to each other that will accompany one of them. For example, hair-conditioners should be placed next to shampoos. It is appropriate to put cutlery sets next to the plates.


The increase in the average check depends not only on the use of these tactics separately. To increase your profits, you need to apply them together. Analyze your customers’ purchases and implement a system that will help you offer more products to your customers on favorable terms.


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