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How to grow your Travel Channel on YouTube?

All you need to start a successful YouTube travel channel.

Video is a powerful tool to attract an audience on social media and YouTube. Videos have a great potential to connect with new audiences and engage them with the visual content. Vloggers nowadays prefer to upload their videos on YouTube as it has the highest number of viewers than any other video streaming platform.

There are various Vloggers out there on YouTube. Everyone has their own channel where they post their videos regularly. Travel Vloggers have created a perfect buzz on YouTube these days. It is because viewers love to watch travel videos with great interest. Travel videos give a glimpse of new destinations visited by Vloggers to the audience. So travel channels are always loved by their viewers.

Starting a travel channel on YouTube is not rocket science. But there are some elements on which you have to focus while starting your journey as a travel vlogger. As a travel Vlogger, you are the one who will be selecting the destination for the video. Let’s start with some basic steps as a beginner.

Basics of making travel videos for YouTube

  • Type of travel video – there are various types of travel videos to create on YouTube. The different types of travel videos are travel guide videos, travel vlogs, niche videos, and explanation videos. You can even try doing all these types of videos according to your audience’s requirements. Still, you have to focus mainly on one type for the further journey as a travel vlogger.
  • Destination and story – Firstly, you should select the destination and create a beautiful story in the form of visuals. Create a story that will connect with your audience emotionally. Decide whether you want to explain the content in the background or by going on the front camera.
  • Use of equipment – make sure that you use the finest equipment while making a travel video. Use a camera that is convenient to use while traveling and which offers great video quality. Also, use camera accessories such as a camera stand and selfie stick, which offer good accessibility while shooting the video. Don’t forget Mic, as it will provide an impactful voice to your video. For editing, an outro maker can be used for creating a good end for the video.
  • Editing your video – once you have filmed your travel video, give some time for its editing. You can start by editing your intro part and then move towards the main content of the video. While editing focuses on audio and music, which are equally important in video.

These are some basics of making travel videos for your YouTube channel. Once you have mastered creating such videos, you will focus on increasing your subscribers and viewers on YouTube. The following are the best tips for the growth of your travel channel on YouTube.

  • Content development 

Creating the content for travel video and shooting it is not that easy a task as it seems. Content is the most important part of your travel video. The audience interaction with your video will depend on the content you show in a video. If your content’s quality is the finest, you will hit your first thousand subscribers in no time. Ensure that you focus on the intro part, main body, and end part of the video. You can effectively use an online intro maker for making attractive intros.

  • Consistency in making travel videos 

Consistency is the key to become a successful travel YouTuber. Just like improving video quality, you also have to focus on improving their quantity. Make a schedule of shooting and uploading travel videos on YouTube. Notify your subscribers about your new video just before uploading it. Make this a habit, and you will notice a great improvement in your channel and subscribers.

  • Audience interaction 

The more you interact with your audience, the more you engage them with your channel. You can go live on YouTube and other social media platforms to interact with your subscribers or followers. Also, don’t forget to include a call to action in between your video. This will help you to gain the audience’s attention. Ask for feedback from your audience frequently. Doing these things will bring more likes, shares, and subscriptions to your travel channel on YouTube.

  • Using YouTube SEO 

Search engine optimization has always worked best for every digital marketer. Use powerful keywords in your video title, description, and tags. Keywords should match your content of the video. Using such keywords will let your videos rank at the top in a YouTube search. Using thumbnail images, subtitles, and closed captions in your travel videos will be quite beneficial. This will automatically improve your viewer base on YouTube.

  • Writing travel blogs 

Writing a blog related to your travel videos will definitely assist in developing your travel channel on YouTube. Some audiences love to explore your travel content in the written form. So you can write a summary of your travel video as a blog and post them on other social media platforms too. Also, embed your video link in the blog for better reach and audience engagement.

  • Create a playlist 

Whatever travel videos you upload on your YouTube channel, make sure that you create a playlist of them. The audience will find all the videos in the proper sequence. A good playlist of your travel videos will also make your channel look more professional.

  • Doing trending challenges 

Nowadays, a lot of challenges are trending on YouTube and on social media apps. Make the best use of this opportunity by participating in trending challenges. Participate in challenges that are popular in the destination that you are shooting at. Viewers will get more attracted to such activities and will engage with your channel effectively.

  • Collaborating with your fellow channels 

On YouTube, other travel vloggers offer the same travel videos to their audience. Instead of doing a fierce competition with them, it is better to collaborate with them to reach better. You can create some beautiful travel videos or Question and Answers sessions with your fellow travel Vloggers. Doing this will increase your viewers and subscribers on YouTube.

Consequently, we hope these guidelines will help you take your travel channel on YouTube to the next level.

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