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How To Be A Welcomed Traveler in Almost Any Country 

Now the promise of travel is on the cards, we all want to get out and about and release this pent up desire for freedom. Here’s how to be welcomed abroad.

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You have been kept locked in for over a year and your desire to get out into the world is strong. You want to go anywhere and everywhere and you don’t mind going it alone if you need to. To travel happily across the world, you need to feel welcomed by the host country. From leaving a good tip to remembering to try the local food, here are some ways that you can feel welcomed in almost any country.

Give those you meet a chance

It is fine to be cautious of strangers and shy when speaking to new people in a new land, but if you want to feel welcome you will need to give all those you meet a chance. You need to be open-minded and assume that they will be glad to know you.

If you keep this open mind when you travel, you will meet people from lots of different cultures and backgrounds, no matter the age. In every cafe, on every bus or shop, there is someone to talk to and learn from. Start a conversation in the firm belief that you are interesting too.

Give hostels a try

One of the best ways to meet other travellers and get chatting is to stay in a hostel. A hotel room is fine, but you will stay within your personal space and will not talk to others freely. In a hostel, there are people everywhere and you will immediately be in the heart of the action. You don’t have to be a party animal to love the company offered by a hostel, as you can choose to meet others over pancakes at breakfast instead. While the hostel bar is the heart and soul of this place to stay, you can easily find someone to explore with at other times too.

Experience the food

Woman eating foodA great way to bond with others in another country is to share food with them. Getting out and about and eating in cafes and restaurants and meeting others is a great way to feel the welcome of a city. You are best to seek out the places that are not on the tourist map, the pizza on a rooftop in Paris or the little place with the best mamma’s pasta in Italy.

Learn the language

If you want to be fully welcomed into a country, then you should make the effort to learn the local lingo. While it is possible to get by with some English and a little bit of sign language, use of some basic phrases in the language will help you connect to people and help you feel more welcome.

While you don’t need to be fluent in every language in the world, learning some basic phrases before arriving in a place will work well too. You can also download an app that allows you to speak into it and get the translation straight away.

Join events

Use technology to find adventures you can go on. Seeking out the treks and trips taken with fellow travellers will give you the confidence to seek out the welcome you hope to find. Often, especially if you are an introvert, it is difficult to open yourself and seek the welcome of others. There is an app called Tourlina, which helps vulnerable females find safe trips to take when travelling.

Such events don’t require you to commit to a long trek. You can sign up to surf lessons or local cookery classes, yoga classes or organised picnics.

Take a hop on hop off bus

While these hop on hop off buses generally take you around the tourist sites, they do give you opportunity to see a city in a way you define. You can create your itinerary and base this on recommendations you hear from local shop owners or the bus driver themselves. The buses are hassle free and flexible and allow you to experience some true wanderlust. It is a way to feel a part of the place you are visiting and you can always talk to people who are sharing the trip with you.

Make plans flexibly

While everything said so far suggests you should plan to make yourself welcome, there is also joy to be taken from being spontaneous and flexible. Taking a walk or ride with no destination offers you the opportunity to meet someone new. The spontaneous acts of someone looking to experience the real country will be rewarded with a beneath the veneer look at the people.

Party with the locals

When travelling it is easy to get caught up with the tourist destinations and the travellers’ outlets. However, if you want to get to know the locals, you will need to party with them. You can find apps that help you connect with locals, helping you avoid those overpriced tourist outlets at the same time. The details on these apps are usually provided by local people who call the place home.

Worry the right amount

Exercising caution when travelling has some benefits. However, too much worry can help to isolate you from a fuller experience. Therefore, you may need to stop worrying so much about what might happen if you start talking to someone. Finding the people we click with is a challenging task, and it takes a lot of hit and miss conversations along the way.

Do what you love

Pursuing your passions when travelling means you will meet people who are of a similar mind to you. Therefore, if you are interested in history, visit museums. If you love sport, attend events. When you follow your passions,  you will meet people who are equally as passionate as you. It is likely that these people are those that will make you feel welcome.

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