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How Many People Vape Around the World?

Is vaping becoming a popular hobby?

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The popularity of vaping has been growing world-over since the introduction of electronic cigarettes. For some vapers, the practice seems lonely sometimes and vapers that don’t know the estimated number of people that vape so they can’t share this passion with others.

Smokers can socialize with ease because they can easily find a person that smokes around. But, this is not the case for vapers. It’s even familiar for vapers not to have associates or friends that vape. Nevertheless, more people are vaping around the world as the popularity of this habit grows.

But, how many people vape or own a wax vaporizer (https://vapingdaily.com/vaporizers/weed-pens/best-dab-wax-pen/) or any other vaping device in the world? Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon when compared to smoking. Research about vaping is still underdeveloped and thin. Nevertheless, several statistics have been released showing the estimated numbers of people that vape in different parts of the world.

Number of Vapers in the United States of America

According to statistics and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4.7 million high school and middle school students use a tobacco product. It includes e-cigarettes. It’s estimated that 40 million adults in the US smoke cigarettes.

Vaping started as a global phenomenon. Today, its popularity keeps increasing every day. New people start vaping in the US and other parts of the world every day. As such, tracking the exact number of people that vape is not easy.

According to the available statistics and data, 20% of the people aged between 18 and 26 years have tried vaping. 12% of the entire population has tried vaping at least once during their lifetime. And, 3.7% are regular vapers.

Number of Vapers in Europe

The vaping market is significantly wide in Europe. However, only a handful of countries drive this market. The United Kingdom has the most vapers in Europe. About 2.8 million people use the best wax pens and other vaping devices in the United Kingdom. E-cigarettes are among the fastest-growing products in the UK markets by value and volume.

Russia is another country with several vapers in Europe. About 1.5 million Russians are vapers. Following the recent explosion of the Russian vaping market, Moscow alone has more than 500 vape shops.

Germany is also another European country with a significant number of vapers. This country has more than 2 million vapers. And, this number is likely to increase tremendously in future years.

In France, the number of people that vape is estimated to be between 7.7 and 9.2 million. Italy is estimated to have around 2.34 million vapers. But, only 1.38 million of these are regular vapers. In Poland, about 1.5 million people are vapers.

Number of Vapers in Asia

Asia has about 4.15 billion inhabitants. It is more than four times the number of people in Africa. Consequently, Asia has a higher penetration density than the U.S and other parts of the world. Therefore, Asia has more vapers than different continents.

Currently, Malaysia is an Asian country with more people that use wax pen and other vaping devices. This country is estimated to have around 1 million vapers. And, the vaping market in Malaysia is growing at a speedy rate because there are no regulations. It has created room for setting up businesses and marketing vaping products without pressure from the government. But, this is changing because the government has announced that it might restrict or ban vaping.

In Japan, the community of vapers is relatively small. But, the annual growth of new vapers is among the highest globally. In 2015 alone, vaping products and devices like wax vape pen generated more than $4.6 million in the country. This number might seem small when compared to other markets. However, the amount is 5 times greater when compared to the revenue produced in previous years.

In China, the vaping community is relatively small. It is iron because China is a significant producer of vaping devices. But, though the country has few vapers, the market has an extremely high potential. That’s because the country doesn’t have market regulation. There are also low entry barriers.

China has more than 1.37 billion people. As such, an e-cigarette usage penetration of just 1% can translate to 13 million vapers.

In South Korea, about 1 million people use the best dab pens and other vaping devices. But, the complex issues of the Korean market make it hard to determine the exact number of people that use nicotine-containing e-liquid.

Some countries in Asia are yet to have significant numbers of vapers. For instance, research has shown that e-cigarettes awareness in Indonesia is about 10.9%. Out of these, 2.5% of people used electronic cigarettes. It is about 711,000 vapers in a population of 261.1 million people.

About 4% of 101.1 million Filipinos use vaping devices. It implies that the number of vapers in the Philippines could be 4 million.

Number of Vapers in the Rest of the World

In Australia, about 12.2 people use vaping devices like the best concentrate pen every day. Almost a third of smokers have tried vaping during their lifetime. However, only 4.4% of them are regular vapers. Since Australia has 24.13 million people, this percentage equates to about 2.84 million smokers and approximately 129,000 vapers.

The number of people that use the best vape pen for wax and other vaping devices is relatively unknown in Africa. Therefore, it’s assumed that vaping presence is not major in Africa. However, vaping is gaining momentum in some African countries like South African, where about 200,000 people are vapers.

In South America, vaping presence is minimal. It can be attributed to tremendous regulation and restriction of vaping in most South American countries. For instance, e-cigarettes were banned in Argentina in 2011. The sale and manufacturer of e-cigarettes were banned in Brazil in 2014. The purchase of vaping devices like a dab pen and associated products is also banned in Uruguay.

The Bottom Line

Earth is slowly becoming a word of vapes considering the numbers of people that use vaping devices like a dab vape pen and the associated products. Going by these statistics, the world has about 20.8 million vapers. And, this number is likely to increase as the popularity of the habit grows in different parts of the world. The only setback to this trend would be government bans and restrictions.


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