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How Does Traveling Help Students Handle Multicultural Issues?

Have you ever thought about how traveling helps students handle multicultural issues? Let’s find out whether widening your horizons develops your erudition.

What makes this world such a great place is that there are so many people in it who like traveling. They really enjoy encountering other cultures and immersing themselves into a completely different reality. Everybody — from infants to the elderly — is traveling nowadays. Intrepid Travel even has an article written by a 13-year-old boy who has been to 45 countries!

Travelling offers you the chance to escape from reality and experience something new. It is particularly appealing to teenagers and young people who always want to learn more and seek to discover new worlds. Perhaps you’re one of them? Maybe you’re now dreaming of taking a break from your studies and journeying to the faraway and exotic places?

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Traveling is not only a break from the daily routine. It also provides you with an opportunity to pick up new skills and knowledge that can be useful to any college student. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at how traveling can help students solve any cultural challenges in the classroom.

Between Traveling and Studying

It is not a secret that at schools, we are assigned a lot of interesting (or boring) assignments. Some of them can make us feel really miserable, while others may teach us something new. Nowadays, professors often challenge their students by raising multicultural issues. This way, they want to expose them to new ideas and help them improve their analytical and problem-solving skills. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks you can face during your studies:

  • Geography presentations
  • Sociology projects
  • Culturology essays
  • Art & Literature assignments, etc.

The important thing about these assignments is that you are expected to use your analytical and critical skills to come up with a refined project or paper. You need to research various cultures and societies, immerse yourself in a completely different world, and let all the aspects of a certain culture “pass through” you. Of course, there is another scenario where you make an order with one of the academic writing services like https://buy-cheapessay.com and forget about your home assignments. It all depends on the circumstances, but things can be much simpler if you are a traveler!

Experience is Better than Books

What is written in the books and what the influencers say during their speeches and lectures is definitely worth paying attention to. You can get some background knowledge and learn many interesting facts this way. But it is impossible to know another culture better than coming to the country and experiencing everything first-hand. You can read all kinds of encyclopedias about India, but it’s only when you are, for example, in Delhi, that you can feel the atmosphere of the city, find out what the authentic Indian dishes taste like, and enjoy the bright colors of saris. You often hear about streets in China being dirty and the Chinese people behaving differently from Europeans or Americans. But it’s only when you are in the country during your own journey, that you get to see the other China — bright, colorful, and vibrant. By the way, did you know that people living in Hong Kong travel more than anyone else in the world? Statistically, a resident of Hong Kong takes an average of 11.4 trips annually. No wonder then that China is developing so fast — Chinese are the people who are ready to embrace everything new!

Teaching multicultural issues may be hampered by biased judgments and even stereotypes, and that is why traveling is so important. Traveling always helps you see the world from another perspective and change your perception of different matters.

Multicultural Issues & Teaching

Traveling can be useful and effective not only for students who want to be competent in cultural matters but also for their teachers. By understanding other cultures, a professor can impartially explain the peculiarities of the worlds around and make the process of teaching a multicultural classroom more engaging and memorable. Teachers who are knowledgeable about different societies and concepts can:

  • Avoid and prevent any cultural conflicts and misunderstandings in the classroom.
  • Teach their students the importance of respecting representatives of other cultures.
  • Emphasize the importance of tolerance and cooperation and not competition.
  • Use different facts and real-life examples to make the education process more interesting.

Of course, that was just a simple overview of how students and teachers can benefit from traveling. The useful lesson to learn from it is that it is not worth locking yourself within four walls. Traveling is a great opportunity to learn new things and use the gained knowledge to your advantage!

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