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Hostel in Olomouc on Hobohideout.com

Hostel in Olomouc, Czech Republic on Hobohideout.com“Clean sheets mean a lot, to a guy who sleeps on the floor.”-The DecendentsI rolled into Olomouc in the Czech Republic around 12 days ago, and jumped right into making internet pages on Hobohideout for the Poets’ Corner Hostel. I worked hard on the site, and it came together [...]

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Hostel in Olomouc, Czech Republic on Hobohideout.com

“Clean sheets mean a lot, to a guy who sleeps on the floor.”
-The Decendents

I rolled into Olomouc in the Czech Republic around 12 days ago, and jumped right into making internet pages on Hobohideout for the Poets’ Corner Hostel. I worked hard on the site, and it came together well. The staff at the hostel supported me in whatever I wanted to do, and it was very enjoyable to make the pages for them as well.

When I was getting ready to ride out of town last Wednesday, Greg – Captain Oddsocks – invited me to stay a little longer to work on some other projects and to keep making videos for the hostel. I took his offer with a big smile on my face, as Olomouc is a fine town and I have enjoyed my stay here very much.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic- June 23, 2008
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And I also needed to perform some great leaps of maintenance on my bicycle and to scavenge the gear that I need to roll on out of town in one piece.

So it worked out well. Making hotel webpages on Hobohideout.com is a good way to travel the world with very light pokets, and I thoroghly appreciate the hospitality that I have thus far been shown by the hotels that I have done this work for. I speak with modesty when I say that I that I think the hotels appreciate the pages as well. I received this email yesterday from Greg after he looked over the Hobohideout site that I had made for his Poets’ Corner Hostel:

Hi Wade, that’s awesome!

I really like the music you chose for the video and you did well to get photos of Kamila; she usually runs a mile when I have my camera around…;-)

I just changed your sheets today, so you’d better stay a bit longer to get the use out of them. If you really want to get moving this week, you’ll have to come back some time, because you’ve earned more accommodation than that.

See you tonight for dinner, Greg.

So I headed over to Greg’s apartment that night, and he provisioned me with a heeping plate of chicken and peas and potatoes. It was the most satisfying meal that I have eaten in three weeks. He then treated me to a rather intense game of Settlers – which I promptly lost – and a few laughs and a real good time. The Poets’ Corner is run by good people. I will travel through here again – This is the very best thing that I can say about any place in the world.

I like making web pages for hotels and hostels, as it also enables me to have a little closer contact with the people who run them and the sense of having some friends out here on the Road. I work hard on the Hobohideout pages – I do them as well as I possibly can – as I really want to help out the hotels and hostels who are willing to put up a vagabond for a week or two as a trade for work.

For these are the places and people that still honor the old traveling tradition. I tip my hat in their direction.

Vagabonds wander the world ever on the look out for opportunities to earn their keep as well as their bean money. I enjoy traveling like this.

Making pages on Hobohideout has enabled me to travel the world even cheaper than I ever had before. I have found a way to earn my bed through working a few hours a day – everyday. When the tallies and figures are added up at the end of the day, I am spending far less than $10 a day to travel well in some of the most expensive places on the planet.

“It is far easier to save $20 than it is to make $20.”
-Andy the Hobotraveler

Hobohideout.com is the snowball project of my friend Andy the Hobotraveler, which has been in the works for the past decade. Now, the dream has been given wings, and the site has started to soar. It is now averaging well over 4,000 unique visitors daily, and this is just the beginning.

People are using Hobohideout.com.

My path finally converged with Andy’s last spring in Guatemala, and he mentioned that I could get free accommodation through making hotel webpages on his site. “Making websites for hotels is how I traveled for two years,” he told me. So I tried it in Guatemala, and it worked astonishingly well.

I am generally pretty accustom to finding work while traveling, and with finding ways (any way) to travel cheaper, travel better, and to just keep traveling on. So walking into hotels and offering a website trade for a bed is not too far out of my ordinary practices. But the effectiveness of the Hobohideout pages is far beyond what I had previously anticipated. In point, these hotel pages work. They come up well in the search engines, and I hope that they bring some foot traffic and money into the hotels and hostels that have been kind enough to give me a little shelter from the storm and a chance to trade some work for a bed.

This has been some good traveling.

Dear readers, if anyone is interested in trading work for a bed and making hotel pages on Hobohideout.com, send me an email at Vagabondsong@gmail.com. The idea is to have a group of around 25 hobos wandering the world, living for free, and making good internet pages for hotels and hostels.

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