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    Japanese Tattooing (Horimono) Junior Research Project for Global College, Long Island University

Thesis project on traditional Japanese Tattooing, Horimono, awarded full credit by Global College, Long Island University. Submit links and comments to this page! Publish your relevant link, comment, or information below. Back to Vagabond Journey Tattoo page or go to Tattoos from Around the World

Below you will find links to my Junior Thesis Project on Traditional Japanese Tattooing:

1. Horimono: The Japanese Tattoo (10,917 words)
     Research project on traditional Japanese Tattooing
2. Works Cited
       Sources for Horimono: The Japanese Tattoo

3. Photograph Descriptions of Horimono- descriptions only, original had photos, will find if needed (1,771 words)

4. In Search of a Traditional Japanese Tattoo (2,174 words)
       Article written about my experiences with Horimono. Written originally in 2005, revised heavily in 2007. Published by Glimpse Magazine.

5. Experiences with Modern Japanese Tattooing (1,821 words)
         Article written about personal experiences with modern Japanese Tattooing. Written in 2005, revised in 2007.

There you have it!

This is my submission for my Junior Research Project- 16,683 words

Global College, Long Island University is a four year accredited international school with centers in Japan, China, India, Costa Rica, South Africa, and New York City.
Wikipedia article on Global College (Friends World Program)

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