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  • The Dancing Hitchhiker Video

    The Dancing Hitchhiker VideoAfter standing on the side of a highway in France for a touch longer than she fancied, Mira from WanderjahrJill came up with a new way to get a ride:DancingThat is right, not even a little leg show or burly old me hiding in the bushes was going to get these French [...]

  • Hitch-Hiking in France Part 2

    Hitch-Hiking in France Part 2To read the first part of this European hitch-hiking story please go to Hitch-Hiking to Andorra in WinterMira and I walked on from the highway junction that lead to Ales towards Nimes. We just tramped in the glorious French countryside and figured that if we would not get far hitch-hiking, we [...]

  • Hitch-Hiking to Andorra in Winter Part 1

    Hitch-Hiking to Andorra in Winter Part 1It can be said that all adventures begin with a bad idea. As such, this plan to hitch-hike to Andorra from Anduze, France in the beginning of winter was hashed. I do not how this happened. For some reason I have always wanted to go to Andorra. I have [...]

  • Hitch-Hiking in Japan with Mr. Fuji

    Hitchhiking in Japan with Mr. Fuji So I was standing on the side of the road in the mountains of Japan’s Shikoku Island in the middle of spring 2004. I was hitch-hiking the 88 temple Kabo Daishi pilgrimage, and a mini-van nearly ran me over as it quickly stopped to offer me a lift. I [...]

  • Interview with the Traveler, Loren Everly

    I first met Loren Everly ) in the windswept, desolate city of Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. We were both staying at the Golden Gobi guesthouse and bonded when I offered him an orange (a real delicacy in the non-fertile shrublands of the Gobi) and, out of sheer courtesy, he refused to accept more than half of it. [...]

  • Trust and Travel and the Complexities of Adventure

    Trust and Travel and the Complexities of AdventureMeknes, Morocco October 2, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.comTrust is perhaps the hardest lesson for a traveller to learn. Knowing when and who to trust while travelling can mean the difference between a beautiful inter-cultural exchange and a boring night in a hotel room, enjoying a nice day of city strolling [...]

  • Hitching across the Middle Kingdom

    Hangzhou, China5.29.2007“Plan had I none, as yet, for continuing my journey. . .But plans are quickly made in the vagabond world.” -Harry Franck, A Vagabond Journey Around the WorldThough I fell in love with Mongolia I felt that it was time to leave. Feelings strike out of nowhere and I have to listen to them. [...]

  • Hitching through Japan Part I, 88 temple pilgramage of Shikoku

    Hitching through JapanUpon hoping off the ferry and onto Shodo-Shima I went out by the roadside and stuck out a thumb. I was walking up a switchback that skirted the coast of the small hill island. As I was walking up the road a compacted Asian SUV stopped. It was only the second vehicle to [...]