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  • Golbasi Park Home of Abraham Sanliurfa Turkey

    Golbasi Park Home of Abraham, Sanliurfa, Turkey Walking through Golbasi Park near Abraham’s Dergah, Chaya and I were approached by a young man who greeted us with a big, “Hello, where are you from?” This is normal here in Sanliurfa in the east of Turkey, a city that lays just on the lee side of [...]

  • Guatemala Civil War Story

    Guatemala Civil War StoryTo read the article that I just wrote about the story of a Guatemalan refugee who fled her war torn country to Costa Rica please follow this link, Guatemala 1980. From the article:“She spoke with a biting sincerity and curtness that were moving far beyond her words alone. She was a survivor, [...]

  • Village Life in Southern France

    Village Life in Southern FranceI am overwhelmingly impressed by the quietude and quaintness of village life in the South of France. I am in Anduze now- I don’t know if anyone has ever even heard of this place- and I feel as if I am in a world apart from the information that comes flying [...]