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  • 8 Lessons Learned About Giving Birth In China

    Having a baby in a foreign country can be difficult challenge in most countries, but it’s a extremely difficult challenge in China. I should know, my wife and I had baby #3 here in China a few weeks ago.

  • A Woman’s Worst Fear: OB/GYN in Korea

    Navigating women’s health in South Korea.

  • Carry Your Own Silverware Travel Health Tip

    I carry my own cooking gear with me when traveling. I also carry a daypack around with me almost wherever. So it’s not too much of a hassle for me to cart around my own set of silverware when I eat in restaurants. Sometimes when I sit down at a restaurant table I will use [...]

  • Health Tips for Traveling With Children

    Keeping your family healthy on the road is one of the biggest responsibilities of traveling with children, and is one of the major reasons why so many would-be vagabond families are scared into staying home. But, speaking from experience, I have to say that dealing with family health issues abroad is not nearly the challenge [...]

  • Multivitamins are Essential for Healthy International Travel

    I’m not going to fake it: it’s often difficult to continuously eat healthy when traveling long term. I’m extremely pragmatic about food, I eat to be healthy and to fill myself up — good taste is a mere side benefit that I’m not overtly concerned with. Some could say that I’m a touch obsessive about [...]

  • How to eat healthy while traveling: Getting all your fruits and vegetables

    A guide for staying healthy while eating fruits and vegetables when traveling internationally.

  • Lack of Mental Healthcare in Korean Culture Leads to Social Ills

    If I asked you to recall the likeness of a merciless, cruel murderer, an Asian face would probably be the last image to come to your mind. In the West, the histories of Stalin, Hitler, Jack the Ripper, and Charles Manson continue to astonish us, and mugshots of killers from every ethnicity corrode the film [...]

  • How to Beat Paruresis Tip

    When traveling internationally it is not uncommon to come upon some bathroom habits that don’t run flush with those in your home country. It is not uncommon to find yourself trying to urinate in bathrooms that are crowded with people who are chatting, reading the paper, yelling into cellphones, with few, if any, barriers for [...]

  • Physical (Medical) Examination for Chinese Residence Permit is Nothing to be Afraid of

    TAIZHOU, China- It is with trepidation that many Westerners approach hospitals in China. Rumors, tales, and news reports of nurses reusing hypodermic needles, hospital related Hepatitis C outbreaks, unsanitary conditions, a lackadaisical approach to infectious disease, and the lack of privacy in Chinese hospitals abound. But going to the public hospital is exactly what a foreigner must do stay in China. [...]

  • Jet Lag Hits a Traveling Family

    When traveling a long distance by air east or west jet lag is a common occurrence. Adults understand what is going on and can adjust, but young children seem to become confused by it as, for all they know, day and night just flipped. My two and a half year old daughter just experienced jet lag [...]