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Head to Toe Airport Style: Travel Tips for Long Haul Flight 

When flying, it’s possible to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time!

Title: Head to Toe Airport Style: Travel Tips for Long Haul Flight 

If you love to travel, there will probably be a time where you’ll need to embark on a long-haul journey that requires you to be sat in an airplane for many hours. One of the best ways you can elevate your overall experience in both the air and the hours leading up to takeoff is by paying attention to what you wear. That’s why we’ve put together a useful guide that will help you be airport ready from head-to-toe.

Hair, Makeup & Eyewear

When it comes to airport hair and makeup, a good rule of thumb is to go minimal. Every airport has a handful of bathroom facilities, so if you do feel the need for a touch-up, a mirror is just a short walk away. Minimal is best because a long-haul flight will probably mean you’ll go down for a rest at some point and mess up your makeup anyways. Wear your hair in the most comfortable way possible, as this is most likely to be altered as well during your time in the air.

On the topic of eyewear, you’ll need to decide if you prefer to wear contacts or glasses for the duration of your flight. However, regardless of your choice, don’t forget to bring extra lenses for your trip as you’ll definitely need to change them multiple times. You can order contacts online without prescription verification in the days leading up to your journey just to be on the safe side.

Clothes and Accessories

Now, the main event – what clothes are ideal for the airport and air travel? Believe it or not, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort! Just keep in mind that what you decide to wear should depend on the weather of your final destination. For example, if you’re headed somewhere tropical, loose-fitting dresses or shorts and rompers are ideal. Complete this look by throwing on a comfy beach cover to save space in your suitcase.

For travelers with a winter itinerary, it’s important not to wear too heavy of a jacket to the airport, and rather make room in your bag to store those heftier pieces of winter gear. In this case, it’s better to dress in layers as you’ll probably get hot during the walk around the airport, especially if you are known for getting nervous travel jitters the day of your journey. Invest in breathable fabrics that prevent sweat and keep you cool all day long.

As far as accessories are concerned, it’s best to remove anything of major value like diamond rings or sparkly necklaces. Airports are notorious for pick pocketing and with so many people around and such a high-energy, fast-paced environment, even the most careful person could be a target. A non-flashy watch is fine, as it’ll help you keep track of time and won’t draw too much attention. For women, stud earrings are recommended over big hoop ones as they may be a nuisance to deal with when trying to sleep on the plane.


Last but not least, what should you wear on your feet? Again, this will depend on where you are going and what weather you’ll be met with when you arrive. But you can’t go wrong with sandals for summer and well-fitting sneakers for fall or colder climates. Socks shouldn’t be too thick if possible and of an air-dry quality. Try to avoid new footwear that still needs to be broken in. You won’t want blisters lining your ankles when it’s time to disembark.

Keep in mind that packing smart will be advantageous in the long run as well. After all, if you have everything you need in your bags, it won’t be an issue to change your outfit in the airplane bathroom if necessary.

When it comes to packing your suitcase for your trip, it can be helpful to do what’s called a ‘dry run’. This means that you pack your bags a week or so in advance and then live with what you’ve gathered to see if you really do have everything you need for the journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to shopping and packing – safe travels!


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