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Great Reasons To Add India To Your Bucket List

Why you should travel to India.

India is a magical place. Full of colour and life, it is a dream destination for many of us throughout our lives. When it comes to travelling, India can be the perfect place to visit, and today we want to take a look at why.

If you have been researching where you want to travel at the end of the year or in 2021, or visiting an India travel forum and considering the trip, we want to help convince you. India is a wonderful part of the world and here are the biggest reasons why you should visit there soon.


India is a huge country, and it is a country that has many wonderful festivals and fairs throughout the year. If you love a good party and celebration, you can pretty much find a festival at any time of the year when you visit India. The beauty of these festivals is that they show off not only religion, but culture of the many different people that make their lives in this country. You can open your eyes and experience a whole myriad of amazing festivities.

Amazing food

If you think about India, one of the first things you likely drift the mind to is food. India is known all over the world for their amazing cuisine, and the beauty of the food they deliver is largely thanks to their climate and the spices that are able to thrive here. India does not shy away from flavour, and in every region of this country you’ll be able to taste different curries and dishes that make the most of every tastebud. You’ll want to bring all of the food home with you when you return and you might even learn a thing or two about cooking along the way.


If you don’t know a lot about the history of India, we suggest you take a trip to the country itself and understand its rich history and past. India was once part of the British empire, and many amazing discoveries and events happened during this era. When India gained its independence, it really showed off its vast culture and these days we can see many amazing historical sites and museums that tell wondrous stories.


Speaking of history, one of the biggest things you will notice when visiting India is a distinct architecture style. The architecture in this part of the world is delicate and intricate, and it shows what a truly talented and artistic nation this is. Visit iconic buildings such as palaces and monuments and gain a real understanding of the people here and their tastes.


If you love visiting local markets with homemade crafts and foods, India is a rewarding choice for your trip. Indian markets are bustling with people who make their own ceramics, clothes, jewellery and more. You’ll be able to find some truly unique pieces that have been made with love and it will be a wonderful experience for you and everyone in your family.

The people

India is a cultural hotspot of the world, and it is also a culture that believes heavily in the value of family, friendships, and hospitality. When you visit India you will be overwhelmed with the kindness of all people, and you will be able to experience a place where everyone you meet wants to make you feel welcome in their home.


If you are the sort of person who wants to explore when you travel, a trip to India is the ideal place. India is full to the brim with coastlines for scuba diving, high mountains for hiking, and forests for exploring and coming into contact with nature. When you visit India you’ll never be short of things to do and ways to make your adrenaline spike.


India is a country that is known for its beliefs, and there are many spiritual places you can visit if you want to escape from the harsh reality of life for a while. Allow Indian culture to overtake you as you explore the country and explore parts of yourself along the way. There are countless Buddhist temples and landmarks throughout the country where you can visit and find peace for a while. Open yourself up to Buddhist beliefs and simplify your life while you visit this country.

It’s cheap

Many people assume that India will be an expensive place to visit because it is such a well-known country, but actually, if you are tight on cash and looking for an amazing getaway, this is the ideal place to come. India is cost-effective and you can find some great accommodation for little money. You’ll also notice that food is super cheap in India and it means that you can fill your boots with lots of amazing foods and flavours without breaking the bank!

Natural beauty

The cities of India are impressive, for sure, but what is amazing about this country is the vast areas of untouched landscape. Natural landscapes are a huge part of our world, and if you love to be around nature you will be able to see some of the most stunning sights you have ever seen while exploring India. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and travel out to national parks and forests to find peace. You’ll see some stunning waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and sunsets.

The yoga lifestyle

Yoga is a practice that many people have taken up in the last 10 years, and throughout the world it is known as a way to strengthen and lengthen the body for flexibility. However yoga is much more than that. Yoga is a practice aimed to connect oneself with the body and mind, and allow us to find inner peace and strength. It is a practice that works for the body and the mind, improving mental and physical health. India is the origin of this practice and during your trip you’ll be able to visit yoga retreats deep into forests and atop mountains and really feel connected to yourself and to the earth below.


One of the biggest things you will notice when you visit India is the diversity of its people. India is a country that welcomes those from all over the world, and you can experience many different cultures and ways of life while you are here. As well as this, you can notice food fusion taking place on the streets where Indian cuisine is mixed with other foods from around the world. It can be a great experience and very unique.

Boat rides

India has a lot of amazing activities to try and places to see, but Kerala is definitely one of the most relaxing. If you love the idea of bobbing along on the river while shrouded by trees, a boat ride here will be a great option for you.

The railways

Whether you are interested in trains or not, it cannot be denied that the railways of India are some of the most magnificent in the world. Many British workers helped to build these railways a hundred years ago and today they span a huge portion of the land, curving seamlessly through the landscape in a beautiful dance.


One of the most amazing things about India is the wildlife. Here, you’ll be able to see animals such as elephants, tigers, and rhinos all living in the same landscape and roaming the same grassy areas. The birds here are beautiful and colourful, and there are many amazing sights to see under the waters of its coastlines. If you love animals; this is a must.


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