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Great Places To Travel For A Sports Fanatic

If you’re into sports you must check out these cities.

If you love sports, then you must be aware of how much it means to have a physical glimpse of your favorite game’s venue. And you probably must have been dreaming about this ever since you started spending hours glued to your TV screen. If this is the case, then why not purpose to visit some of the amazing sports-fans destinations on your next vacation? You will love the views and keep the memories for a lifetime. Feels like a good idea?

Here is a list of some of the great places to add to your must-visit bucket:

Chicago, Illinois

If the names “The Bulls” and “The Bears” sound so familiar to you, then you know very well what Chicago has to offer in terms of sports. While the latter offers its fans thrilling football experiences, The Bulls are famously known for their intriguing performance when it comes to basketball. This makes the city an attractive destination especially over summer and spring seasons. There’s also more to enjoy on the hockey side.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is one of the most coveted travel destinations for sports fans, more especially those with a special interest in football and basketball. Here you will experience first hand the magic of the Dallas Cowboys, who still enjoy the highest ranked NFL team title. Your whole family will also enjoy the high school football thrill and some basketball tricks from the famous “the Mavericks” team. Who knows, you might be lucky to take some photos with the famous stars to hang in your entertainment room. Remember to always have your camera ready for when the opportunity strikes.

Barcelona, Spain

The name Barcelona echoes with a touch of freshness. It’s well known for its amazing weather that makes beach life an everyday thing. But that is not all, the city hosts one of the world’s largest football stadium; Camp Nou. Snack on the famous botifarra sausage while at it. Most travelers swear by the convenience of the famous European cruise sailings for a quick tour through La Rambla, the city’s most famous street, before heading to Venice, Italy for more adventure. So you can double it as a romantic getaway as well. Opportunities like this ones come once in a lifetime. Grab it!

San Paulo, Brazil

If there is anything you can trust to bring the world together in an instant, then it’s soccer. And the mention of San Paulo, one of Brazil’s most loved cities, smells exactly that. Here you will come across the Allianz Parque, the popular 90,000 seat stadium which is known to be home to one of the famous Brazilian soccer club; Palmarias. Also, there are various restaurants surrounding the area for your convenience. Don’t forget to pass by Rio de Janeiro to check out the Maracanã stadium. You will also love the hospitality of Brazilians.

Being a true sports fan includes building fantasies around the physical venues of the various games. You see yourself being there, breathing the air and feeling the excitement. You can turn this into reality by visiting some of the places in your next vacation. From Brazil, Spain to Texas, you can never run out of options.


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