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  • Preserving Cultural Traditions is More than Just Arts and Crafts

    11 cultural traditions were just added to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. This is a collection of arts and other cultural traditions in danger of going extinct which UNESCO feels should be preserved because of the role, message, or meaning they have for the societies where they are practiced. Added to the list this year was Chinese shadow puppetry, Mexican mariachis, a particular type of poetic duel indigenous to Cyprus, Fado singing in Portugal, Jultagi Korean tight rope walking, Hezhen Yimakan Chinese story telling, Lenj Iranian fishing boat construction, Kaskek ceremonial Turkish stew, Japanese rice rituals, the Jaguar Shamans of Colombia, and Indonesian Saman Dance. Read about these endangered cultural practices and the changing contexts in which they struggle for existance.

  • MultiNational Corporations Are Not American, European, Chinese, or Japanese

    Corporations are culturally polymorphous “I am a citizen of the world,” I’ve heard some travelers exclaim on occasion. By citizen of the world, they mean they are just at home anywhere on the planet as they are in the country they came from, that they are regarded as part of the landscape wherever they go, [...]

  • Retirement Homes in India, a Sign of Changing Culture

    The New World Looks Ahead, Not Back: The elderly left behind with their times in the new India We piled into a mini-bus and took off through the traffic wretched, exhaust poisoned streets of Bangalore. It took us over an hour to get to the outskirts of the city where we came upon the retirement [...]