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  • Oriental Windsor County: European Village Created in China

    Developments designed after European villages are being built in China. There is one at the CMC, a planned medical research city hungry to attract foreign business.

  • Zhangjiagang, China: The Future of Urban Life?

    Is this the kind of city we’ll all soon be living in? Or does this model not replicate as easily as it’s designers would have you believe?

  • Huaxi, China: A Journey to the World’s Richest Village

    A journey to the richest (and one of the strangest) villages on earth.

  • Eastern China: One Big Metropolis? China’s New Cities

    A look into China’s super cities.

  • Modern Cities in China Jiangyin

    The term “modern city” is often enough to make a traveler cringe, but in China this term is meant to be a good thing.

  • China’s Traffic Crisis is a Population Density Problem China traffic

    China is changing fast, and the passenger car has become the vehicle for this change. There is now over 100 million personal automobiles in the country, which has not only caused an all out urban crises, but has also enabled the society to begin suburbanizing.

  • Traditional Communities Demolished as China Modernizes

    “It’s not a simple right or wrong, it’s a whole new way of thinking.” -Edward Burtynsky, from Manufactured Landscapes on the industrialization of China. TAIZHOU, China- At times it seems as if China is one colossal construction site. The old is being replaced with the new and the new is being replaced with the newer. The [...]

  • USA/ South Korea Free Trade (FTA), Parliament Brawls, Protests, and the Power of the Consumer

    Bombarding us with news of North Korea’s paranoid antics, U.S. media channels tend to downplay the consequences of such trifles as economic treaties. Yet while many Americans noticed nothing more than a favorable decrease in the prices of their phones and cars over the past few years, the controversial U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement ignited enough [...]

  • Convergent and Divergent Theories of Cultural Evolution

    All cultures change, this is normal. Even rapid change, mass assimilation, disintegration are not oddities in the timeline of human cultural evolution. With each ebb and flow of a socio-political empire across large portions of the world, cultures, traditions, and languages are rapidly changed, assimilated, killed off, and new cultures are created. What is culture? [...]

  • The Meaning of the Cultural Zoo

    There is a value to the cultural zoo, which is essentially what cultural preservation movements aim to create. A cultural zoo is essentially what happens when a tradition or art is reenacted in modern times in a way that is removed from the social sphere in which it was originally created. Exhibits in the cultural zoo [...]