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Ghost Cities of China Reviews, Interviews, and Mentions, July – November 2015

My first book, Ghost Cities of China, and interviews with me on the topic have been featured on Forbes, CBC, VICE, CNBC, BBC World, NPR Morning Edition, and more over the past few months.

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Surprisingly excellent and very welcomed coverage of my first book, Ghost Cities of China, as well as my general commentary on the topic has continued throughout the second half of 2015.

The inimitable Kenneth Rapoza did an incredible review of the book on Forbes at What will become of China’s ghost cities?.

The CBC Radio show, The Current, did an extensive 20 minute interview with me about China’s ghost cities and my book at China’s newly built ‘ghost cities’ never occupied.

I was a guest on the flagship CNBC financial show, Squawk Box, which was aired live nationally and also had an excerpt with photos published online at A tour of European-themed ghost cities of China.

I had some action on VICE with an interview about China’s ghost cities and mountain culling and land reclamation bonanza going up at How China Can Literally Move Mountains to Build Ghost Towns. VICE Motherboard also published an article that referenced a talk I gave earlier in the year in Beijing and quoted from my ghost cities book and various articles on the topic at China’s Ghost Cities Aren’t Exactly Dead.

I was included in Frank Langfitt’s story, China’s White Elephants: Ghost Cities, Lonely Airports, Desolate Factories, which aired on NPR Morning Edition.

Chengdu Living, an expat blog based out of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, met up with me when I was in their city on my book tour some months ago. The interview that ensued was published on their site in two parts: Ghost Cities of China: A Discussion with Wade Shepard Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

The UK’s Huck Magazine did an extensive interview with me, asking Are China’s ghost cities really a mark of failure?

The Atlantic’s CityLab selected an article that I wrote for CityMetric as one of the Best #Cityreads of the Week.

World Finance, a magazine about, you guessed it, world finance, interviewed me for an article about Jing-Jin-Ji: China’s New Mega-Region.

In non-English language media, BBC World interviewed me for an article called Las “ciudades fantasma”, la paradójica estrategia de urbanización china (Spanish) and Carta Maior from Brazil at O mito das ‘cidades-fantasma’ chinesas (Portuguese).

Some commentary from me appeared in Forbes.com at The Word on the Street in China is….

While two more reviews of Ghost Cities went up on China Commentary and Master Planning the Future.

Ghost Cities of China can be purchased at Amazon or directly from the publisher, Zed Books.

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