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  • Pitaya or Dragon Fruit Review

    The pitaya, or dragon fruit, is an excellent fruit that is cultivated throughout the arid regions of Latin America and the world. In Colombia, the pitaya is very popular, and can be purchased in most produce markets.

  • The Fruit of South America

    There are over 2,000 different types of fruits in the world, and many of these have many variations — there are over 2,500 different kinds of mango alone. So it is my goal to document, describe, taste, and catalog as many of these fruits that I can on this travelogue in accordance to the locations where I find them growing.

  • Coconut Stuffed Limes or Limones Cocadas Mexican Food

    Mexican Food: Coconut Stuffed Limes or Limones Cocadas OAXACA, Mexico- Well touted as Frida Kahlo’s favorite snack, a tray full of coconut stuffed limes caught my attention while walking through a park in Oaxaca. They were sitting in a pile inside a plastic wrap covered tray that contained all sorts of other Mexican street sweets. I [...]

  • Lichas or Rambutans Pink Spiny Fruit

    Licha or Rambutan – Fruit in Central America In Guatemala, the fruit known as lichas are actually rambutans — a native Asian fruit which are closely related to Lychees and Loquats. They are a sweetish/ sour fruit that has gained recent popularity in Guatemala and throughout Central America. They are best known by their bright [...]