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  • Blog Comments and Email Slow Replies

    Blog Comments and Email Slow Replies I have been rediculously delinquent with responding to the comments on Song of the Open Road as well as my personal emails. I am writing this just to let anyone who has left a comment know that I have read it and I plan on responding, but at this [...]

  • Visit to USA- Back to Family

    Visit to the USA- Back with FamilyI must say that it is nice to past through my homeland of the USA every once in a while. I get to spend a little time with my family, check up on my old friends, read my books (I have lots of books!), play with my sister’s son [...]

  • On Leaving France

    On Leaving FranceMy exit from France last Wednesday began with a big rush to the train station in Ales. I thought I forgot my camera at my friend’s home when we were half way there. I did the math and determined that it would be cheaper and less of a hassle to ditch the flight [...]

  • Tattoos in Chile and Friends

    Tattoos in Chile and Friends“No hay mal que por bien no venga.”There is no bad from which good does not come.-Old Latin American adageI have not been with my Chilean friends since those fateful days I was tramping around South America. In Santiago, goods and amenities are divided into their own towering buildings by their [...]

  • The Tattoo Apprentice- Wanderjahr Jill

    The Tattoo Apprentice- Wanderjahr JillMira from the Wanderjahr Jill travel blog found herself in the shoes of the tattoo apprentice here in the south of France. My friend from Chile that we are visiting is a well established tattoo artist and, after looking over Mira’s drawings, agreed to teach her a little of the trade. [...]

  • Buy a DVD and Support Grupo Alavio

    Buy a DVD and support Grupo Alavío! By my old friend, Marie TrigonaGrupo Alavío would like to send a special holiday greeting and give a special fund raising appeal. Keep the group’s video production and website Ágora TV up and running by purchasing a DVD. We are completely viewer-funded and volunteer based: your contributions help [...]

  • Back to Latin America- Time to Dance- Again

    Back to Latin America- Time to Dance- AgainI met Mira outside of the San Jose, Costa Rica airport in May of 2006. She had a big flower that she quickly stuck over my ear as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I thought she was pretty. I had just came over from a [...]

  • Vagabond Community News Update- November 6, 2007

    Vagabond Community News Update- November 6, 2007Vila Nova de Milfontes, PortugalNovember 6, 2007Wade from www.VagabondJourney.comWhere are the world’s travelers right now? What are all the dirty little Hobos digging into? What vagabond has gone over the edge and who has gone home? All here, in this Vagabond Community News Update.Wanderjahr Jill’s promotional photo (hehehe).Mira from [...]

  • Interview with the Traveler, Loren Everly

    I first met Loren Everly ) in the windswept, desolate city of Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. We were both staying at the Golden Gobi guesthouse and bonded when I offered him an orange (a real delicacy in the non-fertile shrublands of the Gobi) and, out of sheer courtesy, he refused to accept more than half of it. [...]

  • As My Youth Prepares to Set Sail, I Mistake North for South

    As My Youth Prepares to Set Sail, I Mistake North for SouthMeknes, MoroccoOctober 8, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com“A traveler changes routes, itineraries, schedules and wanders the planet.” -Andy from Hobotraveler.com, Traveler vs. TouristI am young. But not for long. To borrow Andy’s way of gaging age, I am 26 years old, probably look like I am 36, [...]