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  • Thanksgiving in Mexico

    Thanksgiving in Mexico SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- Thanksgiving, obviously, is not generally celebrated by Mexicans. But the tradition is carried out here by transplanted Americans looking to join together on a major holiday that we call our own. Thanksgiving is, perhaps, the only excuse I have to seek out my fellow countrymen, and, [...]

  • Travel Lifestyle Means Leaving People

    Travel means leaving people “Buenos noches, Gueid,” a four year old girl just said to me. That was the last time she could direct those wishes on to me, as the next day Chaya, Petra, and I took leave from the Finca Tatin — the hotel where we worked in the jungle of Guatemala for [...]

  • Wanderlust Conquers ALL – Amanda Becomes a Hobo

    There is something that calls out to a traveler, it is a whispering in the ear, it is the wind in the willows, it is the feeling that you get in the morning that you can only interpret as meaning, “I must go, I must go.” It is a calling that never ceases. You cannot [...]

  • Brazilian Dancer and a Portuguese Lesson in San Salvador

    Chaya’s cousin lives in El Salvador. He sometimes does funny things. This is his story about studying Portuguese through the Brazilian Embassy in San Salvador. A sort of funny true story: I am taking Portuguese classes at the Brazillian Embassy here in San Salvador. So I am in Portuguese class, and we are studying the [...]

  • Erik the Pilot Update

    Langa Air in St.Louis closed its doors unexpectedly leaving its students and instructors grounded. This is an update about one of their former students who is still on the path towards becoming an airline pilot. Read the first part of this story at A Warning to Prospective Airline Pilots “There use to be a lot [...]

  • Motorcycle Bob on the Iron Butt Rally

    Motorcycle Bob finishes the IBR his own way — Long distance motorcycle traveler and long term Vagabond Journey reader and friend, Motorcycle Bob, finished in second place in the 2009 Iron Butt Rally. Well, he finished second place out of the riders who did not finish. Though he went out of the ralley in style: [...]

  • Motorcycle Bob in Bangor

    Motorcycle Bob in Bangor — I heard the Harley’s roar outside of my Bangor residence, and knew immediately who my visitor was. “Shit, its Motorcycle Bob!” I had just washed the farm crap off of me, and was standing fresh out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. “Chaya, go answer the door,” I hastily [...]

  • Buffalo NY Friends Anarchy Nostalgia

    A Buffalo birthday with friends.

  • Motorcycle Bob on the Watch

    Motorcycle Bob on the WatchMy loyal reader and friend Motorcycle Bob recently informed me that I put a post with a bunch of dead links a few days ago. I did not know that I did so, and went on as if business was as usual. Then Bob said something to the effect of, “Hey [...]

  • I meet the Hobo Traveler

    I meet the Hobo Traveler On the last day of March in the year 2008, Wade from Vagabond Journey.com finally met the the masked man behind Hobo Traveler.com. His name is Andy, people call him foreigner, and for a long while I only knew him through his blog posts and emails. I can now call [...]