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Vagabond Journey


  • Andy Leaves Prague

    Waxing on about the departure of a friend of the way.

  • ‘Writing Is Easier When You’re Angry’

    What makes a good story?

  • With The HoboTraveler In Prague

    In Prague with an old friend who showed me the way.

  • Where Would I Be Without Andy Graham?

    A visit in Prague from the guy who showed me the way.

  • Bicycle Luke Reunion

    Bicycle Luke ten years later.

  • What Am I Doing Here? Travel Question

    OLAFSVIK, Iceland- This has to be the most dangerous question a traveler can ask. What am I doing here? If these words come out of your mouth when traveling you are already one step from going home. Doing something while travel is essential, being able to answer “what am I doing here?” with a strong [...]

  • Perpetual Travel and Friendship

    “Wow, look at all of these people. With so many people everywhere how could you ever make friends with anyone?” a young guy once asked me as we rode in a van through Manhattan on a warm summer day in ’04.  “Well, you would certainly have a lot of opportunities,”  I replied. A sickness of [...]

  • Reykjavik to Hvalfjordur – Whale Fjord – by Bicycle

    HVALFJORDUR, Iceland- I finally made it out of Reykjavik, battled the wind around the bay, rumble strips on the highway, and soon found myself peddling my two wheel steed out in the open countryside of Iceland. Though the cars and trucks flew by on the highway close and fast enough to occasionally send me rocking [...]

  • Thanksgiving in Mexico

    Thanksgiving in Mexico SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- Thanksgiving, obviously, is not generally celebrated by Mexicans. But the tradition is carried out here by transplanted Americans looking to join together on a major holiday that we call our own. Thanksgiving is, perhaps, the only excuse I have to seek out my fellow countrymen, and, [...]

  • Travel Lifestyle Means Leaving People

    Travel means leaving people “Buenos noches, Gueid,” a four year old girl just said to me. That was the last time she could direct those wishes on to me, as the next day Chaya, Petra, and I took leave from the Finca Tatin — the hotel where we worked in the jungle of Guatemala for [...]