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Frequent Flyer Programs for Business Travel

Flying and business travel just go together.


What frequent flyer programs are good for business travelers? Are you a part of any frequent flyer programs? Do you know of any that are
catered specifically for business travelers?

Rory’s response:

As for frequent flier programs, every airline has them and it helps because when you join you get to accumulate the miles for yourself not for work. So the perks (cheap or free flights, hotels etc…) are for you to use whenever you build up enough.

I know plenty of people who stick to only one airline and hotel because together they can build up miles quickly through work travel which gets them to free tickets for personal travel pretty quickly. A friend flew herself and mother to Hawaii on frequent flier miles alone.

Joining is simple on each major airline’s website. They usually have silly clubs for high rollers too… cant say that itravel enough to get into that but if you can or know someone who can get you in its nice because they all have wifi, bars and first clamm amenities.


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  • Steve March 18, 2011, 7:21 am

    Travelers who are interested in collecting miles and status points with Sky Team would be wise to check whether their airline will actually grant them. I recently learned following a round trip from Europe to Mexico that for some of its economy fairs, Air France is not crediting the segment and is vastly reducing the number of miles credited. If your company, like mine, has its eye firmly on the bottom line-beware. Air France is offering an economy fair and then punishing you for taking it. A great way to inspire loyalty!

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    • Wade | Vagabond Journey.com March 18, 2011, 8:41 am

      Haha, yes, I too have found frequent flyer programs a joke. Often times the cheapest fares are not eligible for counting towards a frequent flyer total, and as I am always going to purchase the cheapest fare there is no reason for me to join any of these programs. Also, many of the airline frequent flyer programs have it set up so that it is virtually impossible to ever get a free flight unless you get and regularly use their credit card. Not worth it.

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