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Freelance Writer as a Job for the Traveler

How to make a living as a travel writer.

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Traveling can really offer you whole new and nice experiences such as sampling new delicacies, learning new cultures, and knowing various places away from your home. Even though traveling can bring you such nice experiences, sometimes getting a job that gives you a steady stream of income can be quite of a challenge. Fortunately, the internet offers travelers a great opportunity to get freelance jobs regardless of where they are located. Among some of the freelance jobs that can be done remotely online is freelance writing jobs.

As a traveler you could write blog articles, web articles, press releases, etc. to earn money. And there are various online writing boards and freelance websites that you could easily sign up with to get job opportunities.

And here below are some benefits that you stand to gain as a freelance writer traveling:

You enjoy time and location independence

If you take a look at the traditional office work you are required by your employer to report to work at a strict and specified time every day of the week. If you like to travel a lot finding work that will suit your lifestyle is not easy. This is why the freelancing work comes in handy for the traveler because it can be done anywhere anytime. All you have to do is have a nice laptop that enables you to work even inside the vehicle or plane. Just ensure that you meet the set deadlines set by your clients and you will earn positive reviews which will help you get more clients.

You could as well turn your travel hobby into an income earner

Many people still don’t know that they can easily get paid to travel and write about it. Travel writing is one of the biggest earners of people who have mastered the art. There are many travel firms that usually want to share travel destinations and holiday experiences with their prospective clients. As an active traveler, you will most definitely find this a great fit for you and your lifestyle. Most of all you will be making big cash doing what you love most – writing and traveling! Find out more about magazines and firms that pay travelers to write.

As a traveler who travels a lot, freelance writing allows you to organize your schedule

Traveling comes with activities that may even impede your personal time to even have sleep. Due to this, making commitments to any job that requires you to be available a specified location and time may be tough. With freelance writing jobs, you have the power to change your schedule accordingly to engage in your travel activities without compromising your work! You can easily take as many writing projects as you possibly can as long as you know you can do them and submit within your agreed timelines with your clients.

Writing for travelers offer limitless income

Freelance writing jobs are so many and therefore travelers usually have a steady stream of work to earn money from the jobs that they perform on the go. Traditional jobs, on the other hand, are limited and even the available opportunities keep dwindling each day.


Freelancing indeed makes the best job for a traveler owing to much flexibility that it comes with. Travelers have the power to set their own schedule and travel even as they work and earn money effortlessly.


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