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    Each day that you spend creating and publishing content is a day that you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see. Not only does your content communicate their own well-designed messages but it also communicates that you are someone that knows how to do X, Y, and Z. So when someone is looking to hire someone who knows how to do X, Y, and Z they may come looking for you.

    I’ve very rarely ever applied for work. In my entire career in media I believe I formally applied for a job once and I sent an email to an editor looking for work once. So only on two occasions have I actively sought out employment — all the other times the opportunities came to me.

    But this only happens because each day I’m publishing content and putting myself out there saying: “This is me, this is what I know about, and this is what I know how to do.” It seems to me as if most editors and others who are looking to hire creators like to recruit them on their own, rather than weeding through stacks of resumes. So think of each piece of content that you put out as a potential resume. It’s a lot like fishing: bait your hook, throw out your line, and see if anything bites.

    In this thread I will talk about my miscellaneous streams of media revenue — the opportunities that come from people who are simply aware of what I do via what I’ve done.


    A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a producer at Radivision, a new media company that’s trying to become the “ESPN of entrepreneurs,” who offered me some work as a host for a series that they were starting about entrepreneurs on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. I would simply go on the air live and interview some CEOs and founders. Sounded good to me.

    The pay? $200 a pop.

    It probably took me two hours to prepare and another hour to do the interview itself. So $200 for three hours of work. Not bad.

    I did my first interview in the series yesterday:

    I blogged about it today here.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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