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Foreign Language Courses in Europe

There are many options for foreign language courses throughout Europe. Whether it be through instruction with a private school, a local university, an international study program, or even though high school exchange, there are tons of ways to study the languages of Europe while living there, completely immersed. Of all the languages that are available to study in Europe, English and Spanish are two of the most popular.

Study English in England

English is currently the most sought after language to study in the world, with more students learning it as a second language than any other. There are plenty of English courses in London which offer instruction right in the heart of the the English speaking world. There are many ways to enroll in these programs, and a quick internent search will reveal hundreds of possibilites, and figuring out which is the best match for you is a big part of the journey. You can study ESL program through a university, a private academy, or even through doing language exchange with a friendly local who wants to learn your native tongue.

Study Spanish in Spain

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, is spoken by over 423 million people, has the second highest number of native speakers. Learning to speak Spanish is optimal for world travelers, expats living in Hispanic countries, and international businessness people. One popular way to do this is by taking Spanish courses in Barcelona.

As always, going to the source when wanting to learn a foreign language is the best way to achieve fluency. So instead of pouring over books in your home city, jump on a plane and go to Europe to study Spanish and English where they are spoken.