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Flying To Riga, Latvia

Missing a flight connection not to miss Latvia.

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I’m at the Warsaw airport now, on a bus that’s taking me out to the plane that will take me to Riga, Latvia. 

Why am I going to Riga? I’m not really sure. Latvia doesn’t have any New Silk Road projects that I’m aware of, it fully lies outside of my realm of research for this project. So why am I going there?

It’s the weekend — I can’t have any meetings or do any interviews or set up any visits, so I may as well write my articles from someplace else and prepare for getting back on track in Belarus next week.

Actually, Riga is only supposed to be a transfer point. I’m ticketed to catch a subsequent flight to Vilnius in Lithuanian, but I think I’m going to conveniently miss this connection.

I’m sitting here looking at my boarding pass that says “Riga,” and I can’t turn it down. The other boarding pass that has “Vilnius” on it has already been tossed into the trash.

From Riga I’ll probably go up to Talinn, in Estonia — also because of why not?


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