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Five Ways Your Next Vacation Is Going to Be Different After the Coronavirus

The ups and downs of travel in a post-pandemic world.


COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our daily lives, but it has also nearly eliminated things we used to look forward to. From family gatherings to date nights and special celebrations, we’re doing more than ever at home without many of the ones we love and care about most, and that will continue to be the case.

That means you can forget your next vacation.

It’s projected that the U.S. travel and tourism industry could lose at least $24 billion in foreign spending this year as people stay home instead of trotting the globe. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to go on vacation again! When you do finally decide to book your next vacay, you can expect some major changes.

Cruises Will Never Be the Same

Cruise ships have been hit especially hard during the Coronavirus outbreak. Because so many people are in close proximity, viruses can spread fast. That was especially the case on the Costa Luminosa Cruise Ship that saw Covid cases as far back as February but didn’t do anything to mitigate the oncoming problem.

Because cruise ships posed such a huge problem during the outbreak, they will be required to submit a thorough plan on how they are going to address problems in the future. A few ways you can expect your next cruise to be different includes things like:

  • Fewer passengers as cruise lines want to limit guest capacity.
  • Medical screenings, which includes taking guest temperatures, will be the norm.
  • Self-serve buffets and treats will be eliminated.
  • Onboard medical facilities will be expanded.

Service Will Come With Masks and Gloves

Whether you find yourself on a cruise ship or on an airplane, you can expect service to look a little different. In most cases, you’ll still receive the same quality of service, but it will come with masks and gloves.

Flight attendants will especially use masks and gloves in hopes of mitigating the spread of germs, but you may also find that the concierge at the hotel wears a mask and gloves, as well as housekeepers, waitresses, ticket booth salesmen, and more.

Social Distancing Practices Will Still Be Relevant

As everyone tries to ease back into a sense of normalcy, many hallmarks of the outbreak will remain. Whether you travel one state over or you fly halfway around the world, you’ll discover that social distancing practices will still be relevant.

Even though it’s difficult to do, airplanes will attempt to social distance passengers by blocking off middle seats. You’ll find that fewer people are allowed on rides at the theme park, and you won’t have to worry about knocking chairs with someone sitting behind you when you eat at a restaurant. It may be a welcome break from many overpopulated vacation destinations, but it may prove irksome if you can’t get tickets for the right plane or you get turned away at the theme park.

Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids will certainly be an option after the coronavirus, but things could certainly be quite different. Since masks will likely still need to be worn, it may make certain kids friendly destinations more of a nightmare than usual. For instance, Disney World isn’t going to be much fun if you have to wear masks most of the time you’re in the park due to the hot weather. We might instead see families favoring cooling climates. Parents will likely also need to get advice before they travel from professionals like FNPs. The FNP meaning stands for family nurse practitioner and they regularly help new parents, giving them the right support.

More Flexibility Will Be Needed Than Ever Before

Travel plans have a reputation for being quite rigid, and for good reason. Before the Coronavirus, if you had to cancel a trip, you probably weren’t going to get your money back.

Traveling will be more flexible than ever before as airlines, hotels, and vacation destinations try to lure people back. It will likely be easier for you to reschedule your trip, and more people will be booking trips at the last minute.

Unfortunately, you still aren’t likely to get your money back if you want to cancel your trip. If you want to cancel without penalties, now’s the time to buy trip cancellation insurance.

Your Vacation Will Be Affordable

Some people will be itching to get back on the road when this is all over, but there will also be plenty of people who aren’t quite sure about being so far away from home surrounded by strangers who could possibly have COVID-19.

This is a great thing for serious travelers as it means you’ll be able to get great deals on previously out-of-reach destinations. From affordable five-star hotels to reservations at the world’s greatest restaurants, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to take the dream vacation you never thought you’d be able to afford.

The travel industry will be back up and running again so you can scratch the itch you have to travel the world. Just don’t think things will go back to normal right away! There are many expected and unexpected ways your next vacation will be different.

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