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Five Ways How Students Can Help Third World Countries

How to help.

Do you know what third world country means? The word ‘Third country’ usually refers to those countries which are less developed. Actually, third world countries refer the nations of Africa, Asia and Latin America where development is very low and most of them are on the poverty line. Although the term third world country is not any longer used rather it is referred to as developing countries.

Being a social worker I had got a lot of opportunities to meet with the people of third world countries and I saw their problems very closely. I also find out the reasons why they are so poor. There are many problems in third world countries. They suffer most from the lack of foods, proper sanitation, medical services and education opportunities. Being a student there are lots of things that you can do to help these countries.

From my personal experience I tried to make a list of those things that a student can do to help third world countries:

Become a traveler and visit third world countries

The easiest way to help these countries is to become a traveler. You must be wondering how can becoming a traveler can contribute third world counties? If you travel their countries and buy local foods from the local market and stay in their hotels, then they will get money from you. Later this will inspire them to create jobs related to tourism which will ultimately help their economy.

By traveling third world countries you can gain various kinds of knowledge, especially you can learn about their culture. After returning home you can share your experience with your friends and inspire them to visit those countries. By doing this you can simply contribute to their economy.

Spread the light of education

The third world countries are poor due to their high illiterate rate. If you want to really develop a country, then there is no other option but establishing education as a part and parcel of their life. There is a common problem in the third world countries which is terrorism and only the proper education can stop the terrorist groups from gaining strength. Moreover, after being educated they will be able to know what is right to do and what is wrong to do.

Being a student it is very easy to contribute in spreading education. You can visit third world countries and work as a volunteer. There you can help locals in their education and share ideas what else they can do to reduce the cost of education and improve the literacy rate. Eventually, you may find that the locals you help can build on their education to the point where an MBA with a concentration in finance isn’t out of the equation. Building the foundations is the key here and something that everyone should have access to.

Raise a fund

You can raise a fund for helping third world countries. Try to collect a large fund and give that money to a charity or NGO. You can earn your own fund money by writing essay among many websites I personally prefer best custom writing website. By the way, before donating on NGO you need to choose it carefully. You can donate in those NGOs which are supporting the country by doing projects and try to find NGOs which are recognized worldwide. Because from my personal experience I have seen many NGOs who turned out fraud later on. I hope you would not want to invest your fund to see waste, would you?

Raise Awareness

From my personal experience, I have seen most of the people are not aware of their birthrights which are considered as one of the major reason for their poverty. If you can aware them about their rights by sharing ideas and information, then this will inspire the people who are facing poverty to work for their rights. For example, people of third world countries are likely to know about HIV and AIDS which is very common in third world countries being a student you can easily make them aware of this deadly disease and save many lives.

Introduce technology

Third world counties are lagging behind in the field of technology. Still, now many of them are not familiar with technology. Being a student you can make them realize the importance of technology. If they become familiar with the technology, then they will be able to access more information by the use of the internet. The more they can access the internet the more they can learn and it will ultimately boost the economy to a great extent. Being a student you can write on blogs, newspapers or even on social media to draw the attention of some tech. companies or businessmen so that they come forward to help you to spread technology in those countries.

Last but not the least, if you want to help these countries you need to be focused. Raising awareness among them against prejudice will help them to fight against the curse of poverty. Being a student you can do this by joining a volunteer of some charity group or foundation.
Finally, I would love to hear how to have decided to help the people of third world countries don’t forget to say about your thoughts in the comment section. Any suggestion regarding this topic is appreciable.

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