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Five Tips for Cruising Cheaply

Traveling the world by cruise ship doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are many benefits to going on a cruise including the convenience, mobility, and relaxation. Cruises are a great way to see different locations without the hassle of changing hotels and packing up belongings. There is plenty of entertainment just outside your door, and you can pay one up front cost and have everything included. This means that you can spend all of your vacation time doing what vacation is meant for: relaxing. Cruising has long been seen as expensive, but with more competition among companies and more demand, it is possible to go on a cruise on a budget. Here are some tips to help you save money.

Travel when other people aren’t

This is true of any kind of traveling, but especially cruises can vary in price depending on when you want to go. Stay away from summer, December, and school vacations when prices rise. Try October or May instead.

Book at the last minute

Cruises don’t like to travel with empty cabins, so they will often drop fares as it gets closer to the leaving date. The downside is that if you have your heart set on a specific destination or cruise line, they might be fully booked and you will be out of luck. But if you are flexible vacationer just looking to get away, you can find a good last minute deal.

Watch the extras

Those extra special things like spas, special meals, gambling and drinks can really add up. This is especially true of alcoholic drinks but goes for your basic soda pop too. Before leaving, choose which (if any) extra special things you want to splurge on and then stick to it so you don’t get caught up in the “but I’m on vacation” spending free-for-all. One pina colada your first night? Fine. But if you’re drinking three every night, your total cost of the trip is going to rise significantly.

Book your own flight and transfer

While it may be super convenient to have everything taken care of for you, you can often find a cheaper flight to the port yourself so research flights before buying a cruise that includes airfare. Also be sure to consider research cost of flights from your hometown to various departure ports. If a particular cruise line seems cheaper but leaves from a port that is going to cost you twice as much to get to, it won’t end up being a better deal for you overall. This also goes for transfers, you can often take a taxi or Uber to the port for a fraction of the cost of a cruise-provided car from the airport to the ship.

Consider making your own shore plans 

On-shore excursions can also be quite pricey. Do your own research before leaving about the locations you will be visiting and considering booking your own activities. Making your own plans on shore will also mean that you get to enjoy the city without being in a huge tour group of people, and that you can choose exactly what you would like to do. However, be sure to factor in the potential cost of getting from the port to the main attraction. If the port is close to downtown, you are all set and can get a taxi, but if you have to book private transport for a long trip to your destination, you may find it worth booking through the cruise line. Also, if you go through the cruise you can rest assured that if something comes up like a transit strike in Spain, or poor weather you will still make the boat.

Cruising offers an ultimate vacation of relaxation. No need to worry about finding hotels, missed connections, or doing the dishes. You are free to just sit back and enjoy the view. Don’t let worrying about money stop you from experiencing a vacation cruise. Do your research carefully, pick your top priorities and get ready to sail away.

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