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Five of the Most Beautiful Casino Resorts Around the World

When luxury travel and gaming come together.

Gambling is not always about money; it’s also a game of passion and luxury. This demand for top-class games with a luxurious feel has led to the creation of casino resorts. 

Casinos are a worldwide phenomenon. From the busy streets of Macau to the colorful Vegas Strip, players can find the best casino resorts anywhere in the world. Stick with us to learn our top five picks.

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The Venetian, Macau

No, we’re not talking about the world-famous The Venetian in Las Vegas. This is actually its sister casino, located in Macau. The Venetian is one of the largest casinos as well as one of the biggest buildings in the world by area.

The casino’s main gambling room includes more than 3,000 slots and 800 traditional games. There are even exclusive games and a section fully dedicated to sports. In total, it spans over 550,000 square feet, or just under 10 football fields. 

The Venetian hotel has more than 3,000 lavish suites, spa and fitness facilities, plenty of restaurants, and over 200 retail stores. Visitors can even take a gondola ride across one of The Venetian’s three canals.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Probably the most recognizable casino in Vegas, Caesars Palace has a cult status and is considered a symbol of luxury. All of its architecture is made to resemble ancient Rome, something that other casinos worldwide have started to copy.

With a gambling area of 124,000 square feet, Caesars Palace features an amazing game selection, with countless traditional and modern games.The resort also has Roman baths, multiple swimming pools, and a world-renowned spa. 

Visitors can also see the Forum, Caesars Palace shopping center, and enjoy dining at exquisite restaurants.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is the current record holder for the most expensive casino, costing a whopping 5.5 billion dollars to build. On top of that, it has one of the biggest casino lounges in the world, with over 500 tables and more than 2,500 slots.

The hotel is an absolute marvel. On one of the top floors, you can find the Marina Bay Sands’ crown jewel, its 500-foot swimming pool. Spanning across all three buildings, swimmers can enjoy a 360-degree view over Singapore.

Atlantis Resort and Casino, Bahamas

The Atlantis is great for those in search of the perfect gambling getaway. Located in Paradise Island in the Caribbean, it’s known for its incredible sights and luscious white beaches.

While smaller than other casinos on the list, it still comes with all the features players could expect. In total, we’re talking about 700 slots and over 80 table games. Since you’re in the Bahamas, why not try a round  of Caribbean Stud poker?

Sun City Resort, South Africa

The Sun City is by far South Africa’s leading casino. With fantastic views over the Elands River, this Vegas-inspired casino is nothing short of impressive. When it opened in 1979, it quickly became popular for its high roller tables.

The best thing about Sun City is that there are plenty of hotels to choose from. The casino also has over 800 slots and 40 classic table games. Visitors can even take a private safari tour at their exclusive game reserve.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner looking for some fun, the best casino resorts will be more than happy to host you.



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