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  • Fishing in Arkansas

    My brother Choctaw with a stringer of fish he caught. Middle April is a great time to go fishing in Arkansas. That’s what my brother Choctaw and I did today. Choctaw picked me up this morning about 7 AM. We went by a bait shop and picked up a bucket of minnows then we headed [...]

  • Fishermen of the Colombian Caribbean

    As I travel I pay special attention to the fishing methods of people living along coastal regions and inland lakes. Humans have been fishing since our species first wandered down to the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers of out planet: we have been fishermen from day one. What is interesting to me is how little [...]

  • Fishermen of Mexico Dinghy Boats

    Mexico fishermen use coolers and tubs as dinghies PUERTO ANGEL, Mexico- I walked by an old busted up cooler filled with some junk laying next to some fishing boats on Pateon beach near Puerto Angel. The cooler had the logo of the Sol beer company on it, and I cannot say that I thought too [...]

  • Fishing in the Jungles of Guatemala

    Fishing in the Jungles of Guatemala RIO DULCE, between Fronteras and Livingston, Guatemala- “Are there less fish now than there were 20 years ago,” I asked Alfredo, who had been fishing in the Rio Dulce in the eastern jungles of Guatemala for 28 years. “No, it is equal,” the 38 year old Maya responded in [...]

  • Fishing for Tarpon in Guatemala

    Traditional fishing in the jungles of Guatemala, Part 2.

  • Maya in Cayucos Rich Tourists in Yachts

    RIO DULCE JUNGLE, Guatemala- The type of boat that the Maya fishermen in the jungles of Guatemala use to chase their game is called a cayuco. I must admit that sitting with three men in a cayuco is not an easy task. There is more than enough room in a cayuco for three men, as [...]

  • Indigenous Tarpon Fishing

    Traditional fishing in the jungles of Guatemala, Part 1.

  • Fishing in Istanbul

    I miss fishing. For the most part there are only two things that I regret about traveling: That I can seldom go fishing. That I can seldom go hunting. Fishing gear is too cumbersome to carry, and the few times that I would actually use it would not justify its continued presence, and hunting gear [...]