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Finding Prague Waterpark And Baby Cafe — Kids In Prague Day 2

Yeah, I can do this.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic- Day two of daddy day care found us exploring our neighborhood. We’re staying in kind of a residential part of Prague 6. There is a Vietnamese restaurant, a local restaurant that everybody drinks beer at, a Villa supermarket, and an Asian quickie mart. The diplomatic district is nearby and there is an oddly high frequency of hotels — but I’ve never seen any tourists going into them.

We set off walking and the girls began complaining. Apparently, what I was imposing was too boring for them. I explained the philosophy of walking around to my girls:

“You never know what kind of cool stuff you may find.”

I spent years of my life just walking around. It’s a little difficult for me to believe now, but that’s about all I used to do. I would go off to some country and just walk around all day looking at things and daydreaming. It seems kind of silly now, but at the time I thought I was doing something befitting of a traveler: I read my Chatwin and I walked around. What more was there to it?

A moment later my lesson was validated: a waterpark.


I gloated.

People in Europe really like these little waterparks that are kind of like little beach resorts in the city. They deck themselves out in speedos and flop themselves down on the ground like beached whales. They love this shit.

My girls love this shit too. We’ll go in tomorrow.

Our walk continued. We found a baby cafe. It’s a small cafe that’s basically a playroom for small children with two tables for adults. There is a refrigerator in the corner that is packed with wine, liquor, and beer — apparently exactly what is needed during a day of watching kids.

I order a beer and the girls played.

The philosophy of “walking around” is gaining two new adherents.

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