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Female Travel

  • A Woman’s Worst Fear: OB/GYN in Korea

    Navigating women’s health in South Korea.

  • Cheap Plastic Surgery in Medellin

    Medellin, Colombia is fast becoming known as a center for cheap plastic surgery procedures in Latin America. Many tourist from all over the world are flying into this Colombian city to have their tummies tucked, their faces lifted, botox injected, their noses reshaped, breasts augmented, unwanted fat removed, lips made more plump, and even to [...]

  • How to Learn Foreign Languages

    In this correspondent question I ask Jasmine Stephenson from Jasmine Wanders to explain the methodology she uses for learning foreign languages while traveling. “In your previous correspondent response, Tips for Solo Female Travelers, your first piece of advice was to learn the local language of the countries you travel in. I am just wondering what [...]

  • Tips for Solo Female Travel

    The following tips come from Jasmine at Jasminewanders.com. I asked her a question about traveling in South American as a solo female and received a response that is a truly excellent primer for all travelers anywhere. What are your tips for solo travel as a female in South America? Are there any special precautions that [...]