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Exploring The Top Tourist Destinations Of The Middle East

The the places that you must visit on your Middle East vacation.

Camel in desert

The Middle East is often called the cradle of human civilization for a reason: nowhere else in the world can boast as much culture and history. Over thousands of years peoples have come and gone through this region, leaving traces of their language, food, and culture behind. For the traveler, there is no better place to experience a vibrant array of culture, complete with top-end tourist resorts, world class cities, beautiful beaches, adventure sports, and some of the planet’s best shopping — with warm, sunny weather to boot.

Getting there

Before we can start looking at the top tourist destinations in the Middle East, we must first figure out how we are going to get there. Saudi Arabian Airlines (احجز تذاكر طيران الخطوط السعودية), the third largest airline in the Middle East, has well-priced flights all around the Middle East, as well as Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America, combining speed and efficiency with luxury and comfort.

Dubai, UAE


There is no city in the world like Dubai. Down beneath some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers is a high-paced commercial hub that boasts some of the best shopping and other cosmopolitan activities in the world. The Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates are second to none, and are tourist attractions in their own right, sporting the latest trends and coolest electronics. If you’re looking for a more traditional kind of shopping experience, check out the Bur Dubai Souk and Heritage Village, which combine ancient customs with modern flare.

To discover more about the UAE’s history, head over to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, which has a truly spectacular display of Islamic treasures and culture.

In terms of food, Dubai is a regional crossroads of cuisine. We’re talking manousheh for breakfast, Iranian sangak for lunch, and kebabs for dinner. Delicious!

If you’re looking to get out of Dubai for a little adventure, look into a trip out into the desert, climb Hatta Mountain, or go skydiving or even deep sea diving.

But when the day is done, rest assured that Dubai has some of the classiest hotels and night clubs in all of the Middle East — leaving not a moment in the day that couldn’t be filled with a spectacular experience.


Jeddah is the home of Mecca and is one of the top tourist destinations in all of the Middle East. It is at the same time an ancient city that has long harbored pilgrims and traders and, being Saudi Arabia’s commercial capital, a modern city with all the amenities a traveler could ask for. It is a place of rollicking souqs, amazing food, and some of the region’s best diving.

Al Balad, Jeddah’s old city, is a a UNESCO World Heritage site that has a history that stretches back fro more than 1,300 years, serving as the traditional gateway to Mecca. It is packed full of beautiful architecture and is one of the most stunning cities of antiquity.

King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah is also the base of Saudi Arabian Airlines, and has an array of flights there from Riyadh (رحلات طيران من الرياض الى جدة).

Beirut, Lebanon


No trip to the Middle East would be complete without a visit to Beirut. Recently emerging from a dark period that was plagued by war, the capital of Lebanon is rapidly becoming of the the primary destinations for Middle Eastern travel.

Beirut has always been one of the primary crossroads of the Middle East and is truly a place of contrasts. With people and religions from all over the region, Beirut is a cultural feast. There area hipster and student districts like Gemmayzeh and Hamra, more traditional areas like Bourj al-Barajneh, Christian neighborhoods, Palestinian zones, and modern, international shopping strips. This is a place of incredible beaches, luxury hotels, chic bars and night clubs, as well as traditional markets and food from all over the region.


The Middle East has something for almost every traveler. So no matter what you’re into, hop on a plane and come visit sometime this year!

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