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  • Hero Laowai Blocks Traffic in Shanghai

    A foreigner in Shanghai makes a stand against traffic. Is he a hero or an asshole?

  • What Is The Laowai Freeze Out?

    It’s called the Laowai Freeze Out, or LFO for short, and it’s one of the most irritating things about being a foreigner in China.

  • What’s Good About China?

    It is too easy to rag on China. This is a country that has the world’s worst air quality, where contaminated food and water scares are common; a country that has an incredible gap between the rich and poor, a totalitarian government, and a heinous human rights record; a country that’s ravishing its own environment [...]

  • When One Expat in China Does Something Stupid All Expats Feel the Effect

    When the term “foreign national” is used in the Chinese media, all expats and travelers in the country tend to cringe.

  • The Three Illegals, or The Crackdown on Foreigners in China

    On May 15th the city of Beijing announced a 100 day crackdown on foreign residents living in the city. Under the banner of smashing the “Three Illegals” of immigration — illegal entry, overstayed visas, and working without a permit — the police began setting up passport checkpoints in areas popular with foreigners, going into Western [...]

  • How to Move to Mexico City and Teach

    Caitlin Evans, Vagabond Journey’s Mexico correspondent and owner of Mexico City blog Chilangish writes about how – realistically – to move to Mexico City. Since moving to Mexico City a year ago, more than a few friends back in Canada have mentioned wanting to follow in my footsteps. Why all the interest? Despite its increasingly [...]

  • Impact of HIRE Act on US Expats Living abroad

    Amidst many new challenges that expats are facing with more restrictive immigration policies in many countries around the world, a new difficulty has reared its head for Americans living abroad — but this one comes from the country they left behind. Part of the HIRE Act, signed into effect by the president in mid-March 2010, [...]

  • Moving Abroad – Expats Struggle to get Residency

    There is a common notion amongst people from third world countries that I can go anywhere in the world and stay for as long as I want because I am an American and rich. Apparently, this is what they see. Rich Americans come into their towns as they please and seemingly stay for as long [...]