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Exciting Remote Areas in Canada That Are Surprisingly Visited By Few

Go deep into the hidden Canada.

You have eventually applied for your Canadian Visa, your Canada eta application is in check, and you have finally landed in Canada. Canada has a lot of iconic attractions and landmarks that travelers love visiting. If you are adventurous in nature, this article is just for you as we will share with off the beaten tracks in Canada that you can explore for a fun experience.

Northwest Territories: Yellowknife is the capital of the territories. Other regions include South Slave, North Slave, Sahtu, Dehcho and Inuvik‘. The Northwest Territories are home to indigenous groups of people like the Inuit, Dene, Inuvialuit and Métis. Half of the population there is Aboriginal. English, French and nine Aboriginal languages are the official languages recognized in the Northwest Territories. Your visit here will have you interact with the amazing people living here, and learn their diverse cultures and past. The aboriginal people living here are always welcoming, and will help you with whatever you need. Did you know that half of Canada’s bird species are recorded here? Now you know.

Kananaskis Country: You can go for hiking trails at Rawson’s hiking trail, the fantastic Goat Creek Trail, the scenic Prairie View trail among other areas. Art lovers will most likely enjoy going to the Elevation Gallery and Berg Gallery. It is also home for many endangered animals. Road trips on Highway 40 will have you treat your eyes to adorable views.

Salt Spring Island: It is beautiful and has the perfect climate for chilling and relaxing with your friends. The beautiful farms and galleries will have you stay outdoors throughout your visit. Salt Spring Island is among the best producers of Canada’s wool and lamb. The locals grow organic cheese and tasty apples. They are also known to organize crafts fairs and art concerts every once in a while. If you happen to visit when the art gigs are planned, you will definitely love how much of an artist’s colony the island is.

Kluane National Park, Yukon: Canada’s highest point, Mt. Logan, is found in Kluane National Park and Reserve. For a maximum experience, trek through the wilderness, and go view the Ice Plains and grand valleys. You can set up camp around Mt. Logan and go for an adventurous hike. Wolves, coyotes, red foxes, mountain goats, beavers and ground squirrels are among mammals that inhabit the park. For a spectacular view of the entire region, ensure you make a stopover at the Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre.

Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia: It is amazing how quiet and cool this area is. You will not find crowds, or large groups of people while in the park. The park is a recommended off the beaten path in Canada with natural wonders that will have you yearn for more visits. You will definitely enjoy the waterfall hike. The 45KM drive up Clearwater valley road is panoramic. The Helmcken Falls are breathtaking and taking a hike on the Rim Trail will have you catch a bird’s eye view of the fourth largest waterfall in the country.

Whether you’re there for business or leisure, you will at some point want to traverse the country and experience the best moments while in Canada. If you enjoy quiet adventures Stopovers without bumping into crowds of people, these sites should be in your mind while doing Canada eta application for your next itinerary!

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