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  • Where Not to Exit Europe if Overstayed Visa

    Overstayed visa, caught when leaving Zurich by air — “when I try to go back to France or Italy in a few months (I have no intention of returning to Swiss)? Will the Swiss put my name on some list and I be barred from entry, with no legal hearing or notice? It makes sense [...]

  • Switzerland Visa

    Travel Visas to Switzerland Switzerland is part of the Schengen zone, which means that visa free visitors are typically given 180 day visas, of which you can stay in the region for 90 days. Once you stay for 90 days in Switzerland or any of the other Schengen countries you need to fully exit the [...]

  • Working in EU When Company Does Not Renew Visa

    How can I continue working in Switzerland without a renewed work visa? Hello Lizelle, As you have been working in Switzerland as a professional volleyball player for some time now and it was just this year that they did not renew your visa, I would highly recommend pestering your employer to no ends to renew [...]