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  • Sweden: Country Number 90

    I’ve now been to all of the Scandinavian countries.

  • How to Eat Cheap in Sweden

    Unfortunately the places that drew my attention most when it came to traveling are also the most expensive places on earth. As kid I was fascinated by Vikings. They were my thing. Not cowboys, Indians, ninjas, samurais, pirates, or astronauts. Vikings were it. Why? They ruined everyone’s shit. So when I first decided to start [...]

  • Deportation for Schengen Visa Overstay

    Do you get deported for overstaying a Schengen visa in Sweden? Deportations for overstaying a Schengen visa is incredibly rare. Nobody is coming after you. When you leave the Schengen region there is a good chance that you are going to be taken aside, given some forms to sign, and then be banned from re-entering [...]

  • Sweden Culture

    This is a collection of brief anecdotes about the culture of Sweden that is intended to lead readers to more expansive articles. Submit summaries of your experiences traveling, living in, studying, or researching culture in Sweden and provide links to where we can receive more information. Swedish Girls Swedish girls seem to be the objects [...]