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  • Where Not to Exit Europe if Overstayed Visa

    Overstayed visa, caught when leaving Zurich by air — “when I try to go back to France or Italy in a few months (I have no intention of returning to Swiss)? Will the Swiss put my name on some list and I be barred from entry, with no legal hearing or notice? It makes sense [...]

  • Italy Travel Guide

    Prepare for your travels to Italy Use this guide to help you prepare for your travels to Italy. Below are topics and categories that are important for travelers going to Italy. Browse the topics and submit links, comments, ideas, and information wherever you can to assist other travelers in Italy. Map of Italy Topics for [...]

  • Italy Visa

    Travel Visas to Italy Italy is part of the Schengen immigration zone, which means that a visa for this country is good for all 25 countries of the group. Typically, tourists are given visas that are good for 90 out of 180 days. Due to the complexity of this visa, many people overstay. As of [...]

  • Why Stay in Italy when you can Travel the World

    Traveling and Studying online in Italy — Good Travel Strategy, but why stay in Italy? studying online and using financial aid money to travel is a top notch move.

  • Can Immigration Tell When I Entered the Country if I Lost My Passport

    Can European immigration tell when I entered the Schengen region if I lost my passport? — Will I have a problem returning home without an entry stamp? Will they be able to trace my passport theft and know when I entered Italy. Shall I fly into another country, perhaps, France, just to get an Entry [...]

  • Travel in Europe After Overstayed Schengen Visa

    Can I travel to Italy from the Netherlands after overstaying the Schengen Visa? Updated answer to question Hello Jatinder, I just received an email today from a guy who overstayed his Schengen visa by 15 days and was deported to his country of origin and fined 160 Euro as he tried to travel from Germany [...]

  • Overstaying Visa in Italy

    What would happen if my boyfriend overstays his tourist visa in Italy by five months? Hello Anna, To answer your question simply: Your boyfriend is playing a game of chance. He may be caught, he may not be. There is no telling. But if he does not exit the Schengen region from Switzerland or Germany [...]

  • Travel in UK/ Ireland After Overstaying Schengen Visa

    Can I travel to England, UK, Ireland after overstaying a Schengen Visa?

  • What are the Penalties for Overstaying a Visa to Work in Italy?

    How Long Can I Work Under the Table in Italy without a Visa?

    As you were offered this 5 month job in advance of your arrival in Italy and your employers obviously know that you do not have a proper visa, I must ask:

    What does your employer recommend?