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  • Recommended Travel Destinations in Italy

    Italy is one of the most magnificent places on the planet for the sensation chasing traveler. Below is a list of top places to visit recommended by seasoned budget travelers. Florence Firenze is one of the most popular tourist cities by in Italy and for good reason. It’s a city that oozes romance and history [...]

  • Returning to Italy After Overstaying a Visa

    Can I return to Italy after overstaying my visa and only being out of the Schengen zone for two weeks? First off, it is very easy for immigration officials to tell if you overstayed your visa, when you exited, and when you are permitted to return. This is what they do all day. The question [...]

  • Food in Italy

    What do people eat in Italy? Food in Italy isn’t just a casual topic of conversation. In Italy, food, like fashion, is something to be effortlessly passionate about. Silken strands of pasta glistening with delectable sauces, fresh and smoked cheeses, and freshly caught shellfish are all to be found in the restaurants and trattorias that [...]

  • Can I Be Denied a Spouse Visa in Europe Because of an Overstay

    Can I be denied a spouse visa because of a previous visa overstay? Yes, certainly. It is possible that your application for a spouse visa in Italy can be denied because of your previous overstay and subsequent ban. Though I doubt that this would happen, as Italy tends to be a little more lax with [...]

  • Illegal Entry to Europe Without Visa

    Entry to Europe for South African without a Visa Question: Hey Wade! I’ve read through everything online I can, so I hope you can help! I’m south African, and I have an irish spouse. We are crewing on a yacht thats sailing from England to Italy. I thought I didn’t need a visa because I [...]

  • How to Travel in Europe Extremely Cheap

    Yes, I know this challenge well: how to travel across one of the most expensive regions in the world on what, relatively speaking, constitutes pocket change. It is possible, in fact an ingenuitive traveler can move across Europe just as cheap — or even cheaper — than most anywhere else in the world. When I [...]

  • Italy Border Crossing

    Border crossing can be a stressful part of traveling, this page is to provide information about crossing the Italy border. If you have ever crossed a border into Italy, submit a record of your experience below. The more information a traveler has, the more prepared they can be. What documents or visas does a traveler [...]

  • Travel in Europe After Expired Student Visa

    Question: Can I travel in Europe after my Schengen student visa expires? Answer: Hello Natalia, It is my impression that the right to travel to other Schengen countries for 90 days is included in most student visas, and this right expires when your visa does. It seems as if you will need to leave the [...]

  • Barolo Interview with Matthew Gavin Frank

    Six months of illegal work — picking grapes 14 hours a day, sleeping in a tent by night, talking with butchers, vintors, and tough guys the whole time in between —  has cumulated in a book called Barolo, the memoirs of Matthew Gavin Frank’s life as vineyard laboror in the Barolo region of Italy. If [...]

  • Can I Return to Europe After Overstaying Schengen Visa

    Can you return to Europe as a tourist after overstaying the Schengen visa? Hello, This is a tough question to answer because immigration policy is often very inconsistently applied around the Schengen region, but it is my impression that you should be in the clear: you paid your fine in Zurich and have been away [...]