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  • What the Irish Water Protests Are All About, or How I Got Beat Up While Reporting on #Right2Water

    An on the ground description of the recent Right2Water protest in Ireland, describing how serious this issue actually is.

  • Travel to Ireland After a Visa Overstay in the UK

    Can my fiancé travel to Ireland after overstaying a visa in the UK? Hello Sofinia, Ultimately, immigration can reject a prospective traveler for any reason at all, or a lack thereof — and Irish immigration is becoming relatively strict. But, while a previous visa overstay can be used by pretty much any country to deny [...]

  • Illegal Entry to Europe Without Visa

    Entry to Europe for South African without a Visa Question: Hey Wade! I’ve read through everything online I can, so I hope you can help! I’m south African, and I have an irish spouse. We are crewing on a yacht thats sailing from England to Italy. I thought I didn’t need a visa because I [...]

  • Ireland Visa

    Submit information and links about how to obtain travel visas to Ireland. How did you get your Ireland visa? Contribute information below to help other travelers. Reader questions about travel visas to Ireland Does travel to Ireland count towards my Schengen total? Hello! I am on a US passport and currently have a german 1 [...]

  • Problems with Irish Immigration

    Irish Immigration confiscated my passport and threatened to ban me from the country. What can I do? Hello Megan, First of all, your passport is the property of the US government. It is my impression that the Irish officials have no legal grounds to confiscate it. I would IMMEDIATELY go to the US embassy in [...]

  • Trust and Travel and the Complexities of Adventure

    Trust and Travel and the Complexities of AdventureMeknes, Morocco October 2, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.comTrust is perhaps the hardest lesson for a traveller to learn. Knowing when and who to trust while travelling can mean the difference between a beautiful inter-cultural exchange and a boring night in a hotel room, enjoying a nice day of city strolling [...]