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  • Iceland Visa

    Although not yet a part of the European Union, Iceland is a part of the dreaded Schengen immigration zone. This means that travelers from the USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia are only given 90 days to visit Iceland and the 24 other countries of the region, and visitors from other countries are often given less time.

  • Eat Cheap in Iceland

    Unless you want to eat hot dogs three times a day, restaurants in Iceland are expensive. Even the cheapest restaurant will set you back at least 8 USD for a single item meal (a hamburger, bowel of soup). As this is an extreme budget travel guide, I will only say that restaurants should be used sparingly, and will not review any here.

  • Cheap Hostels and Camping in Iceland

    While the words cheap, accommodation, and Iceland are rarely ever muttered in the same sentence, it is possible to find a place to stay in this country for not much money. The thing is, you need to camp.

  • Bicycling in Iceland

    If you are a pro biker, a masochist, or a vagabond with a fierce independent streak and an incredibly small budget, bicycling is a great way to get around Iceland.

  • Clothing in Iceland

    What kind of clothes do people wear in Iceland? What clothing should you pack to visit? How do Icelanders dress when going out? Find out in this travel guide.

  • Transportation in Iceland

    By anybody’s standards, transportation in Iceland is expensive. As this is an extreme budget travel guide, the best information that I can provide on this country’s transportation network is to avoid it at all costs.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Iceland

    How Much Money do I Need to Travel in Iceland? Iceland can either be an extremely expensive or reletively cheap country to travel in — it all depends on your strategy. If you are riding a bicycle or hitchhiking (easy to do and common), camping, and preparing your own meals, and stay out to bars, [...]

  • Hot Dogs are The Food of Iceland

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland- “Now we ate a hot dog in the same place that Big Bill did,” an American tourist proclaimed with tongue in cheek pride as he finished off a dog at a little stand near Reykjavik’s sea port. Apparently, Bill Clinton once came to Iceland and ate a hot dog from the same stall, [...]

  • Olafsvik, Iceland Partying and Culture

    OLAFSVIK, Iceland- “There is nothing to do here. Look around, there is nothing,” an 18 year old kid in a bar in Olafsvik explained. His statements were by now seeming to me like a mantra of youth in rural Iceland. This time, finding his town beautiful and full of life, I countered his statement. “Look around, this [...]

  • What Am I Doing Here? Travel Question

    OLAFSVIK, Iceland- This has to be the most dangerous question a traveler can ask. What am I doing here? If these words come out of your mouth when traveling you are already one step from going home. Doing something while travel is essential, being able to answer “what am I doing here?” with a strong [...]